How to Have Sex With a Virgin

Having sex with a virgin can be both scary and exciting. The virgin myth implies that when a girl loses her virginity, she “loses” something sacred.

But the truth is, a girl’s virginity doesn’t really mean anything. In fact, many people don’t even think that it holds any value.

1. Make the Mood First

Having sex for the first time can be terrifying for any girl. It’s a big milestone in her life and she’ll remember it for the rest of it – This piece of text comes from the portal This makes it very important to be prepared and to set the right mood, which will make her feel relaxed and comfortable.

You can start with some foreplay, such as kissing and making out before you move on to more intimate activities. You can also give her a massage and do other things that will help to create pleasure. This will increase her confidence and will also make her more receptive to penetration.

When she’s ready to lose her virginity, take it slow and have lots of lubricant around. Ribbed condoms are especially effective in minimizing her pain. Make sure to talk and cuddle a lot, and don’t be afraid to stop if she gets uncomfortable or wants to take a break. It’s important to let her know that you are sensitive and that if she feels any pain, you will stop immediately.

It’s also good to be open and honest with her about the fact that you are not a virgin. This will allow her to be more prepared and to make the best decision about whether or not she should lose her virginity with you. You can also tell her that if she is still a virgin, it’s okay to continue dating and that you don’t want to force her to lose her virginity.

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2. Create a Sexy Environment

For a virgin, the bedroom environment is the most important part of her sexual experience. You’ll want to ensure that there are no visual distractions, like dirty socks on the floor, open chip bags in the bed, or TV screens on the wall – these can be extremely distracting during the height of sexual arousal.

Dim the lights and use candles for a romantic, sensual atmosphere. It will relax her and help her get in the mood. Virgins are incredibly self-conscious about their naked bodies, especially their boobs, so dim lighting and soft candlelight will make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

During penetration, you’ll want to do it gently. It’s normal for virgin girls or women to have pain during first-time sex, and they may ask their partners to slow down or stop at some point. Be patient and encourage her to keep going. This will build her confidence and will improve the arousal during sex.

Aim for a missionary or doggy position when penetrating her, as these positions allow her to be in control of the depth, speed and angle of penetration. This will also reduce the risk of her crying in pain, which can diminish sexual arousal and detract from her enjoyment of the experience. If you notice that she’s experiencing discomfort, don’t rush her or act hesitantly or nervous; these things will scare her.

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3. Eliminate the Pain

Virgin girls or women are usually a bit scared at first before having sex for the first time. But you have to be patient with her and let her get comfortable. You can help her to feel comfortable by making sure that she is fully lubricated. Using a good quality personal lubricant will help make penetration easier for her as well as prevent painful friction between her tight virginal wall and your penis. Moreover, use proper sex positions for first-time lovemaking so that she can have pleasure and you don’t hurt her too much.

It’s also a good idea to have some time in romance before you start to have sex with her as it will arouse her and she will be ready for penetration. You can kiss her, caress her private parts and tease her to prepare her for what’s about to come.

When it comes to pain, many people believe that the hymen tears during sexual intercourse and this is what causes the pain for a virgin. However, the truth is that a virgin’s hymen might not tear during sex for the first time, and the pain might be caused by other factors such as inadequate lubrication, anxiety or muscle spasms or even by a partner who is too forceful.

The key to having a successful sex experience with a virgin is to be prepared, listen to her, respect her choices and be honest about what you want. Whether you plan on having oral, vaginal or anal sex with her, always remember to use barriers and birth control to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

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4. Spend Some Time in Romance

First time sex for a virgin can be painful, but avoiding this is as easy as using good lubrication, and taking your time with love making. It’s also important to remember that a virgin’s orgasms may not be as big and intense as those of someone who has had sex before. For a girl to orgasm, she needs to be stimulated and emotionally fulfilled. That’s just as important as the sensation of penetration for a virgin, and you can do that by being gentle with her, giving her time to get comfortable, and stroking and caressing her thighs and breasts for foreplay.

A good lubricant is essential to avoid pain and friction, so be sure to use one that doesn’t have any added scents or soapy taste – like the ones from Nooky Lube and SmoovLube (which are both water-based) – as those will make her feel more comfortable and prevent an STD. You should also use a condom, just in case, and be sure to place it on correctly so it doesn’t break or slip off.

Finally, be careful not to over-react or fumble in bed; any of this will scare her and make her nervous and anxious. Instead, be confident and give her feedback when she fumbles or is hesitant; she will need this to learn how to relax into the sensations.

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