Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Weed?

Every vulva has its own signature scent, which can change throughout the month based on your diet, hygiene habits, menstrual cycle and more. These variations are completely normal.

If you’re experiencing abnormal odor, however, that may indicate a problem. Check in with your healthcare provider. Here are some common causes of an unpleasant vaginal odor: Fishy or chemical-like: This could be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection or bacterial vaginosis.


The skunky scent — which some have described as similar to Pepe Le Pew or your local dispensary — can occur when your groin is full of apocrine sweat glands secreting a milky fluid that combines with vaginal bacteria. It’s actually quite normal and usually a sign of good health.

Other vulva-specific odors include the sulfurous smell of rotting fish caused by sexually transmitted infections like trichonomiasis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. If a strong odor accompanies any of these symptoms, it’s time to call the doctor for a check-up and treatment.

Changes in your hormone levels and diet can also influence your vulva’s natural aroma. If you notice a new odor that’s tangy, garlicky or grassy, it’s probably not a big deal but you should definitely consult your gynecologist to rule out any concerns.

Overall, your vulva’s natural scent should be something between earthy and musky with a slightly fishy or floral tinge. If it smells sweet, citrusy or floral, then you’re in good shape! But whatever the odor, it’s important to recognize that it’s a normal part of being a woman and to learn to love your body for all the amazing things it does daily.

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Your diet and hormones can impact how your vulva smells. Eating certain foods can cause your vulva to smell different, especially if they are spicy or strong in flavor. Some examples include garlic, onions, mint, turmeric, and cauliflower. Smoking and alcohol can also change your vulva’s scent. Lastly, not taking good care of your hygiene can lead to an unpleasant smell.

It’s important to remember that all vaginas have a natural odor and it is normal for them to change from time to time. However, if the scent is off or it accompanies symptoms like itching or burning, pain, discharge, or abnormal bleeding, then you should see a doctor.

All women have a unique signature scent that can be sweet, sour, earthy, musky, or metallic. Most of the time, this odour is harmless and it’s perfectly normal. Some reasons why your vulva might smell this way include bacteria (such as Lactobacilli), changes in the pH of the vulva, and sweat from physical activity. During your menstrual cycle, you may notice a coppery odour because of the iron in your blood. It’s also common to experience a funky, fishy or ammonia-like smell when you wear tampons and pads. These odours are caused by the urine and residue from these products interacting with your skin. You can also experience this odour with bacterial vaginosis.

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The odor of your vagina can take on earthy, musky, sour, or metallic scents. Often, these changes are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Your diet, menstrual cycle, hygiene habits, and sexual activity all influence the natural odor of your vulva.

A sharp, metallic smell is usually caused by a higher than usual amount of iron in your blood. This can occur if you’re on your period or after unprotected sex. It may also be a sign of an infection. If this occurs, talk to your doctor.

Sometimes, the odor of your vagina can take on a pungent, bleach-like or ammonia-like scent. This can happen if you use too much lube or condoms, or it may be a sign of infection. If you notice this odor, it’s best to contact your physician immediately as it may indicate that there is an infection in the area.

A sour or tangy odor similar to probiotic yogurt can be a sign of a yeast infection. If you notice this odor, along with other symptoms like itchy vulva and thick white discharge, then get in touch with your gynecologist. They can prescribe an antifungal medication to treat the problem. In addition, make sure you’re drinking enough water to stay hydrated as this will help reduce bacterial overgrowth and eliminate the smell.

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For many women, the taste and smell of their vulva can be a source of anxiety. They might think they smell bad or wonder if there is something wrong with them. But the truth is that it’s completely normal to have a variety of scents and tastes “down there.”

Your vagina contains billions of bacteria, which release their own odor-producing products. The precise mix of these bacteria varies based on the food you eat, your hygiene habits, the menstrual cycle, when you last had sex, and more. This is why it’s normal for your vulva to smell tangy, fermented, earthy, or sweetish.

These smells are a sign of healthy bacterial flora. The odor can also be a reaction to emotional stress, which causes your body to release pheromones that are similar to the aroma of marijuana.

A strong, unpleasant odor can be a sign of vaginitis. You might be able to treat the problem with dietary changes, or you might need antibiotics. If the odor is accompanied by itching, bleeding, or burning, you should see your doctor right away.

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