Why Do I Like the Smell of My Vagina?

Every woman has a unique natural scent. A healthy genital smell can be described as musky, earthy or even slightly sweet. It can also vary by the time of your menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

The best way to keep your vulva healthy is to wash regularly, change your underwear often and avoid perfumed hygiene products. You should also see your GP if you experience strong, unpleasant or fishy-smelling discharge.

It’s natural

The smell of the vagina is a sign of healthy bacterial flora and it’s totally normal. It might smell tangy or sauerkraut-like, like vinegar or pickles, but that’s because your vagina hosts good bacteria that produce lactic acid, which helps keep it acidic so harmful germs can’t thrive in there. This is why it’s important to always use a condom when you have sex, and don’t douche or use vaginal wipes (which can disturb the natural pH balance). Instead, wash with gentle soap and warm water every day.

Your vagina may also smell metallic during or after your period, which is another totally normal thing. This scent comes from iron in the blood that’s releasing as you shed your uterine lining. It might also smell a bit fishy, because of the trichomoniasis infection that can cause a foul-smelling vagina and genital itching.

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Other things that can change your vagina’s odor include spicy foods, garlic, onions, and broccoli. Smoking, not drinking enough water, and changing hormone levels can all affect your body’s natural pheromones, too. So if your vagina’s odor is different from usual, it’s worth having a chat with your gyno to see what might be going on. They might advise you to try some home remedies or to visit a clinic that can help. But don’t use perfumed sprays or deodorants—they can be irritants.

It’s a turn on

The way you smell — and, by extension, the way your vagina smells — is an important part of what makes you unique. And it’s also a major turn on for your sexual partners.

Your vagina’s scent is usually a mix of factors, including your diet, the bacteria living in it, how much you exercise, the type of soap you use and whether or not you douche, among other things. That said, there are some abnormal odors you should keep an eye out for. For example, a fishy odor could be a sign of an infection, like bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections. This is because these infections can disrupt the balance of lactic acid-producing bacteria, which causes a change in your genital pH and, ultimately, an odor.

The smell of your pussy should also change during your menstrual cycle. This is because your hormones can throw off your bacterial flora and cause the odor to be stronger. But don’t be alarmed — this is normal and will go away when your period is over.

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It’s a sign of health

A tangy or fermented odor is normal and caused by your vagina’s bacterial flora. These bacteria produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other substances that keep harmful bacteria from growing. This is a good thing! It also means that you are healthy. Vaginal odors may change during your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. It is important to note that a strong, unfamiliar odor should be checked out by your doctor.

It’s sad that women feel insecure about the way they smell. It is also unfortunate that there are so many products on the market that suggest that your genitals should not have any odor. Regardless of what type of odor you have, it is important to wash your genitals regularly and to wear loose, comfortable underwear. In addition, a well-balanced diet can have a positive impact on your vulva’s scent.

Everyone’s vulva is different, and the scents of each vary based on things like your menstrual cycle, hormones, and personal vaginal flora. It’s important to learn about these changes so that you can stay informed and recognize when your body isn’t working properly. You can check out Planned Parenthood for reliable information about feminine hygiene, including what a healthy vulva looks and smells like. Also, Nemours has some excellent information about vaginal odor for teens.

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It’s a sign of love

The scent of our bodies is a very personal thing, and it’s sad that so many girls and women are made to feel insecure about the way their genitals smell. No two people’s bodies smell the same, and it’s even more personal when you consider that every woman’s body odor is different throughout her menstrual cycle.

Research shows that when you’re in love, your brain is actually wired to enjoy the smell of your partner’s sweat and vaginal secretions. That’s probably because of the activity in the ventral tegmental area, which creates dopamine.

In addition, studies show that males are more attracted to the scent of a woman’s sweat when she’s close to ovulation, as this is when she produces the most sexually stimulating pheromones. So, if you’re in love, go ahead and let your body do its natural thing! It will only make you more attractive. After all, isn’t that what love is all about?

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