How to Make a Homemade Vagina

A self-confessed cougar, Lisa has used this DIY vagina to help her recapture her youth. She claims this routine has improved dryness, tightness and elasticity.

Make your own soft pocket pussy by placing a stretchy medical glove inside of a towel and rolling them together. Add a little lube and you have an amazing sensational toy.

1. Banana

The banana is a renowned vaginal cleanser and is also said to be an effective lubricant. It also helps eliminate bad odors that can be caused by imbalances in the normal vaginal flora or sexually transmitted infections.

Another popular homemade lubricant is Jelly. It is cheap, easy to make and very effective. The best part is that it can be warmed which gives a sensation like no other lube. Jelly is not suitable for everyone, however, so it’s advisable to use a condom or latex glove in order to catch the sperm and prevent infection.

Another great DIY pocket pussy toy is the noodle. It is made out of two soft sponges pushed into a large bottle or can. To make it even more realistic, a noodle can be tucked into a stretchy medical glove and then fastened to the rim of the bottle or can with rubber bands on both ends. The result is a fantastic and cheap wanking toy that feels just like the real thing. It can be used alone or with a lube for an extra silky feeling.

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2. Vegetables

If you’re horny and want something a little more squirt-friendly than a banana peel, veggies offer some great sensations. For example, black beans and mashed up fruit like bananas work well. Jelly is another good option for homemade vaginas, as it provides friction and suction. Plus it can be warmed up, amplifying pleasure levels.

If you want something more realistic than a pouch of veggies, try an affordable Fleshlight. Alternatively, there are some ingenious DIY pocket pussies made from things you can find around the house. Check out the vid below for some examples. Then squirt in some lube and enjoy!

3. Aloe Vera

The smell of your vagina can change due to menstrual cycle, lack of proper hygiene, unprotected sex and some medications. A natural feminine wash that is completely safe and free from chemicals can eliminate the bad odor and restore balance. White vinegar neutralizes the bad odour, while baking soda restores the pH balance. Mix them with water, apply it in the vulva and rinse well.

The aloe vera gel can also act as an all-natural lubricant. However, make sure that it is 100% pure so that there are no added chemicals. Aloe vera’s natural lubricity is condom and sex toy friendly and it can effectively ease penetration.

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Note that this type of lubricant can also cause friction, which can lead to vaginal soreness and itching. Moreover, it might not be sperm-friendly during ovulation. To avoid this, opt for a lube that is designed to promote fertility.

4. Yogurt

Earlier this year, Cecilia Westbrook of the University of Wisconsin created yogurt from the bacteria living in her own vagina and then ate it. Her motivation was to explore the probiotic properties of the unique bacterial community that lives in each woman’s vulva. Traditional yoghurt is made by mixing a collection of subspecies of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus with milk, heating it and letting it ferment.

She created three different groups of her bacterial starter: one with normal milk, one with a yogurt culture and a third with the bacteria she collected from her own vulva. She left the mixtures to stand overnight and biology did its work, producing yogurt in each group.

As with the aloe vera gel, this remedy may not be suitable for everyone. Douching can be associated with a higher risk of infection and irritation, not to mention the fact that it can also lead to cystitis, ectopic pregnancy, or even cancer. If you decide to give this home remedy a go, always use a lubricant. Otherwise, you could cause some serious pain and trauma to your penis.

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5. Potato

A self-confessed cougar, Lisa, found that she could make her own vagina at home from things she already had in the cupboards. Her natural methods are less expensive and more effective than cosmetic surgery, helping with period pains as well as improving sex life and boosting libido.

She used the skin of a potato and scrubbed it on her labia. Then she applied a paste made of sandalwood, tomato juice and lemon juice. This lightened the area and made her vagina feel more real.

For extra stimulation, she added a pinch of baking soda to the mix. The result was a thick slime, perfect for sucking. She also mixed in a bit of baby oil to add friction and lubrication. The best part is that the slime can be warmed up for a more realistic feeling.

Other household materials that can be used to make a homemade vagina include mashed black beans, mushed up bananas and a cup of water. But nothing quite replicates the all-encompassing love tunnel feeling like a warm jelly mixture.

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