How to Make a Fake Vagina

Make your fantasies come true with a synthetic pussy or ass. These sex toys are perfect for practice strokes and getting that perverted position down to a science before bringing your partner on board.

Pussy/ass combo sex toys are similar to handheld male masturbators but have more features than that. These toys can be heated for a more intense sensation that even a Fleshlight can’t match.


For this DIY project, you’ll need a few items. First, you’ll need some water-based lube and a clean sock. Next, you’ll need a piece of pool noodle, which you can find in the aquatics section at most big box stores. If you want to make a more realistic pool noodle, try cutting it vertically.

Some types of artificial vaginas are modeled on female genitals, while others are designed to mimic animal semen collection tools. For example, the artificial vagina used for cattle sexual organs usually consists of a tubular inner liner made from a soft material like latex or a plastic, which is encased in a hard outer shell that’s filled with water and attached to some form of collection apparatus.

These artificial vaginas are commonly used by farms in animal artificial insemination programs and by semen collection centers to collect animal sperm for fertilization. For safety reasons, these devices typically include a sterile lining to avoid cross-contamination.

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Other kinds of synthetic vaginas and ass/pussy toys are designed to simulate human or animal vaginas, but often have a more stylized appearance. They also usually have a variety of textured features that titillate the penis when it goes inside. These devices come in a wide range of sizes and price points, so there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you.

Sock Sucker

This is one of the easiest homemade sex toys to make. You just need a sock, a hair tie and a latex glove. To assemble this simple pleasure toy, insert the latex glove inside the sock and then tie both ends of the sock together with the hair tie. Add lube and you’ve got yourself a pocket pussy that’s ready to be used.

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Toilet Paper Pussy

There are several ways you can use toilet paper to make a sex toy, but this method is a little more ingenious. Instead of just using a piece of standard run-of-the-mill tp, use a small roll of bubble wrap to make a soft, DIY pocket pussy. It’s easy to do and you can also recycle the packaging at the same time!

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This is a great way to avoid getting toilet paper stuck in your Foo Foo. The delicate tissue around the vulva is very sensitive and wiping with anything not specifically made for it can cause damage, irritation or even infection. It’s important to always wipe gently and with a sanitary pad or cloth to help prevent this from happening.

You can also try using a ribbed or textured towel for an extra fun feel, just be sure to add lube. Or, you can use a stretchy exam glove and fold the opening over one end. You can also use a piece of duct tape to keep it together and secure the sex toy. If you want to add extra texture and intrigue to your DIY sex toy, consider adding a few plastic beaded necklaces or bungee cords inside the glove before stuffing it! Just be sure to use water-based or silicone lube for the best results.


A Fleshlight is a masturbation tool that has an outer case like a flashlight and an inner sleeve that simulates the sensation of penetrative sex. The sleeve can be filled with your choice of lubricant and you can use the nubs, rings and chambers to simulate penetration. Fleshlights are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit your fantasies, including vaginas, anuses and even a cock. They can be intensely erotic or just plain fun to use, and they make a great way to introduce someone else to the pleasures of penetration.

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To create your own DIY Fleshlight, you’ll need a container, a hand towel and a couple of rubber gloves or dish sponges. You can also get a pool noodle, which is much cheaper but can be uncomfortable to hold when full of lube. You can also line a chip can or sports bottle with non toxic silicone sealant, which gives you a very flexible, smooth stroker with multiple textures to titillate your partner.

There are many more creative ways to make a fake vagina or pussy, but these will provide you with the basic experience for a very low price. You can also buy Fleshlight sleeves for a lot more money, which come in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes. There are even Fleshlight Girls, modeled after your favorite adult film stars, which can add a visual element to your masturbation.

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