How to Clean For Anal Sex

Anal sex can be incredibly pleasurable, but it’s important to keep an eye on hygiene to avoid irritation and discomfort. Having the right supplies is crucial, and a little extra care can make all the difference.

Although douching is usually unnecessary (your body’s pretty good at getting poop out of the way before it’s ready to exit), many people find it helpful to douche before anal play.

Wet Wipes

Many people turn to wet wipes to keep their anus clean after pooping, but wet wipes can actually cause irritation and even infection. Wet wipes can contain irritant chemicals, including alcohol and aloe vera, that damage anal tissues and the skin around it. The irritation can lead to itching, rashes and even micro-tears in the anus that can bleed.

Another issue is that using wet wipes can disrupt the natural anal microbiome, which is important for healthy anal tissue and proper function. Wet wipes can also leave behind residue and can make it harder to get a full, thorough clean when using the anal.

Instead of wet wipes, many people use toilet paper, but this method can be ineffective and uncomfortable. It can be difficult to reach the anal area with toilet paper, especially when sitting down. The key is to use plenty of paper, and to start from the front of the legs and move backward toward and past the perineum.

A better alternative to wet wipes is a bidet, which can be more effective than toilet paper and less likely to irritate the anal area. However, bidets are not always available and can be expensive to install in homes.

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A shower is also a great way to wash the anal, and can be gentler than soap. However, it’s essential to rinse thoroughly to avoid irritation and abrasions. A warm shower can also help reduce the risk of infections, such as fungal or bacterial. It’s a good idea to shower before all types of anal play, including fingering, rimming and penetrative sex.


Cleaning with water is a great option, especially if you have sensitive skin or are concerned about irritation. Many soaps are too harsh for the anus, which can cause micro-abrasions. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser like witch hazel or unscented baby wipes. These can be used along with your normal shower routine or between anal sessions. Be sure to look for ones that are flushable, as well as free of any additives like alcohol.

You can also clean your anus with a douche, which is usually more comfortable than using toilet paper. It’s best to use one that has a flexible tip to minimize the risk of damaging the skin. Apply some lube to the tip before inserting it and gently squeeze. After a few seconds, pull it out, letting the fluid drip into the toilet/tub. Rinse and dry the douche thoroughly before using again.

Another alternative is to use an enema, which can be done at home or in a public restroom. While it can be uncomfortable, it’s a good way to make sure there is no fecal material left behind and prevent anal-related infections. Keeping up a high-fiber diet can help as well, as can drinking plenty of water. This will keep your bowel movements firm and regular, which can reduce the likelihood of encountering poop during anal play.

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For people who prefer a water rinse, bidets can be used to clean the anal area after defecation. The technique is called anal hygiene, and it involves washing the anus and inner buttocks with either a hand or, in some cases, pressurized water from a bidet system. It’s often followed by wiping with toilet paper or a cloth towel.

If you choose to use a bidet, be sure to select one that has both front and rear cleaning nozzles. Bidets that only have one nozzle can be messy and difficult to maintain. You should also make sure that you’re comfortable using the bidet before trying it for anal. Some people are more sensitive to the spray of water in this area, while others find it soothing and satisfying.

To use the bidet, turn it on and adjust the water temperature and jet strengths to your liking. If you have a two-nozzle system, you should push the rear cleaning button first, then press it again to extend the feminine cleaning nozzle when you’re ready.

It’s important to remember that even though the anus and rectum are erogenous zones, they still come in contact with fecal matter during sex. So, it’s normal to see a little brown residue during anal play — and this is something that you can accept and work around.


The towel is a useful item for all sorts of things, from keeping your hands clean to wiping up lube and other body fluids during anal play. Choose a dark color, which won’t show stains as much, and avoid white or black, which will show up on your jizz spots. The towel can also serve as a barrier between you and your partner, allowing you to talk without fear of the other person seeing your lube or poop stains.

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A good shower is a safe and effective way to clean the anal area before anal play. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly, and don’t forget the hard-to-reach parts of your anal bulb. Alternatively, you can use an anal douche to remove debris and extra lube. It is important to keep your anal douche clean between uses, however, as not doing so can increase the risk of infection and spread of bacteria.

Historically, Romans used a sponge on a stick called a tersorium for anal cleansing. This was a shared item, and bacterial infections could easily spread through this method of cleansing. The best and most comfortable way to cleanse before anal is with soap and water, which can be effective at killing bacteria and preventing infection. Just make sure to wash your hands well, and practice open communication and enthusiastic consent during anal sex to minimize risks for both parties.

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