How to Lighten Vagina Using Natural Home Remedies

There is a huge amount of interest in lightening the skin around the vulva. This could be because of the increasing popularity of internet porn, or simply because women want their labia and vulva to look pinker.

But gynecologists say it’s important to remember that there’s a wide range of normal appearances for female genitals. And pursuing vaginal bleaching can have serious health consequences.

Olive oil

Women of all skin colors often experience hyperpigmentation on their vulva. This can be caused by hair removal creams, tight-fitting clothes, chafing, hormone fluctuations, and other factors. Some people are also prone to darker genital areas due to diabetes and obesity.

A natural way to lighten the private area is by using a homemade paste of lemon juice and coconut oil. This solution will gently lighten the skin and reduce odor and itching in the intimate area.

You can also use buttermilk to whiten your vulva. It contains lactic acid and vitamin B12, which will help to lighten the skin in this area. Mix the ingredients and apply the paste on your vulva every day for a few minutes before washing it off with water.

Lemon juice

Dark vaginal skin is often a result of various factors, including unhealthy eating habits, smoking, wearing tight clothes, stress, and even heredity. But the good news is that there are some safe ways to lighten it. You can try coconut oil and lemon juice, yoghurt, turmeric, or aloe vera gel.

One of the most popular solutions is to use a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil. However, this technique is controversial, as it can be uncomfortable and abrasive. Also, the high acid content of lemon can be damaging to sensitive areas. This is why it is best to consult a dermatologist before trying any DIY vaginal bleaching hacks.

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Dark genital skin is a common problem for women. Several factors cause it including improper hair removal methods, friction, and inflammation. Darkening of vulva skin may also be caused by the use of depilatory creams.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can lighten your vulva. One of the best ways is to use honey. You can mix a tablespoon of honey with lemon juice and apply it to the affected area. This will not only lighten the area but it will also soften it. You can repeat this process twice a day for better results. Moreover, you can also try using turmeric paste. It is an ayurvedic home remedy that will lighten your genital area faster and more naturally.

Egg white

Often, women’s private parts can look darker or black than the rest of their body. This is because of hormonal changes. For example, during puberty, there is an increase in estrogen hormones that can cause your vulva to darken. This also happens in late adulthood and menopause, when estrogen levels decline. Other causes of vaginal darkness include hair removing creams, tight-fitting clothes, and ageing.

Several gynecologists tell INSIDER that there’s a wide range of normal appearances for female genitals, and lightening is not necessary or safe. However, estheticians say many clients come to them after being shamed by their partners for having darker vulva skin. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

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Many women suffer from dark vaginal skin, which is caused by a number of reasons including hair removal creams, tight underwear, poor diet, sanitary pads, diabetes, hyper-pigmentation and heredity. Nevertheless, the good news is that you can easily lighten the area using natural home remedies.

Yogurt contains lactic acid, which helps to lighten the skin. You can also use turmeric and lemon juice to lighten the area. Mix a tablespoon of each with yogurt and apply it on the genital area twice a day. The mixture will also help to get rid of odour and promote healthy and supple skin. Moreover, aloe vera is a very popular natural skin lightener.


Women often feel that their vaginal area is darker than the rest of the body. This can happen due to hormonal changes, especially during puberty and in the late 30s and 40s when oestrogen levels drop.

A number of products are available for vaginal bleaching. However, they can cause damage to the delicate skin and may not work. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists strictly opposes vaginal bleaching procedures, saying that they are liable to cause itching, scarring, altered sensation, dyspareunia, and infection. Instead, you should try natural home remedies. You can make a paste of sandalwood and orange peel powder and apply it to the sensitive area.

Tomato juice

Tomato is a natural skin lightener, which can help you bleach your anus without any side effects. It contains Papain, an enzyme that speeds up skin cell removal and lightens the skin tone. To use, just smear some tomato juice on your anus and scrub it around. Leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat this process every day for better results.

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Cucumber is another natural skin lightener that can help you lighten the skin of your genital area. You can either grate the cucumber or mash it to extract its juice. Apply the cucumber juice on your genital area and leave it to dry before washing it off.


Rubbing potato slices or pieces over the pubic area daily can help correct skin discoloration and lighten dark inner thighs or pubic areas. This yellow coloured vegetable has bleaching properties that work very well on hyper-pigmentation and blemishes.

One can also mix potato juice with turmeric and apply it on the dark area of the vagina. This remedy works well for people who have a darker inner thigh or groin due to friction caused by frequent intercourse.

A face pack of sandalwood, lemon juice and cucumber can be applied on the dark area of the vagina to help lighten it. This is a natural and safe method of treating the problem.

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