How Do Fat People Have Sex?

Sex is about more than just penetrative sex, and it’s important that all bodies feel good during sexual activity. But sex can get tricky when assumptions are made about fat people’s bodies.

Body size may limit the flexibility of some positions, but it does not inhibit all fat people from having sex. Luckily, there are many positions that work for all body types, including the traditional missionary position.


There are plenty of sex positions that can be a good fit for people of all sizes. One of the most popular is the cowgirl position. This classic sex position allows the woman to control the pace and direction of penetration. This is especially beneficial for women who may be more sensitive to the impact of force. In addition, the woman can also use pillows and other props to provide additional support. These are often inexpensive and can be found in your linen closet.

The reverse cowgirl is an alternative to the traditional cowgirl position that works well for obese couples. It allows the woman to straddle her partner without interfering with their larger abdomens. Additionally, the angle of penetration allows for stimulation of the G-spot. If you’re looking to take this position up a notch, try bringing a sex toy like a bullet vibrator to add an extra element of pleasure to the session.

While it is true that some fat people find certain sexual positions uncomfortable, this has more to do with their body shape than anything else. It’s important to remember that everyone’s bodies are different, and it’s not fair to assume that someone who doesn’t do a certain pose has issues that are unique to their body size. That being said, every person should try a variety of positions and see what they enjoy the most.

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Some plus-size people are more comfortable with doggy style sex. In this position, the receptive partner lays on their back while the giving partner lies or kneels in front of them and penetrates from behind. A few pillows can be placed under the receiver’s hips for extra support. The receiving partner might find this position more intimate since it allows them to look into their partner’s face during penetration.

Another option is the missionary position. This is where the receiving partner lies on their stomach and the giving partner lays or kneels in front of them and fucks them from behind. If the recipient has a large abdomen, this position may not be comfortable, but can be made more comfortable with the use of pillows.

A final sex position that’s good for fat people is the sideways crunched turtle. This is similar to the spooning position but more accomodating for curvy people. A couple of pillows or rolled-up towels can be placed under the head, knees, or hips to provide extra support, comfort, and height.

In general, there are few physical obstacles to sex for people of all sizes. Even at levels of morbid obesity, most people can have intercourse just fine with the right partner and some patience and ingenuity when it comes to positioning. The main impediment to sex for fat people is often prejudice or lack of confidence.

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The basic missionary position, in which the man is on top, can be difficult for people with larger bodies. However, a few simple twists can make it a comfortable sex position for overweight couples. For example, placing a pillow underneath the receiver can create an optimal angle for penetration and make it easier to find their genitals. Moreover, it can also add an element of intimacy by providing a view of the giver’s face.

Another great option is to reverse the missionary position and have the woman on top. This can be more satisfying for some women because it allows them to feel the sexy power of their partner as they push deep into the climax. Furthermore, the woman can also control how much pressure she wants to apply for maximum pleasure.

There are many misconceptions about sexuality and fat bodies, including the belief that people with larger bodies are unhealthy and incapable of engaging in physical activity. These myths can hinder the sexual experiences of individuals and lead to self-esteem issues. It is essential to challenge these misconceptions and address sexuality for people of all sizes. This will help to encourage a positive body image and a healthy sexual relationship for all. It is also important to remember that not every sex position will work for everyone, and that it is essential to experiment with different positions.


Overweight people might struggle to find sex positions that are comfortable and enjoyable for them. But there are plenty of positions that can make things a little more exciting, especially if your partner is willing to experiment.

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One of the best sex positions for overweight couples is the Pretzel position, which combines intimacy and penetration. It also allows the partner to enjoy oral and clitoris stimulation, which can be particularly important for those who are overweight or have back pain.

Another great option is the butterfly position, which involves the receiver lying on their back and sliding their butt against a surface like a bed or table. The giver then stands in between the legs and penetrates. The receiver can add a pillow or two under their hips to help elevate the body and reveal more genitals for penetration.

As with any sexual position, it’s essential to try different ones and play around until you find the ones that feel most fun for both partners. And remember, if something doesn’t feel right, it’s important to communicate that and let your partner know so they can make adjustments. Regardless of your weight, it’s important to remember that there are no physical limitations when it comes to having sex and that everyone should be able to have a fulfilling bedroom experience.

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