How to Have Sex in the Shower

Shower sex can be hard to navigate, especially in the best of circumstances. Slippery floors, bath mats, and sloping shower walls can make it difficult to remain stable.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to work around these obstacles. And, according to experts, some of the most effective shower sex positions can be surprisingly safe when done correctly.

Doggy Position

Shower sex is hot, but it’s also messy and tricky. Wet enamel and tile are slippery, and slipping can lead to serious injury. Getting it on in the shower is much more complex than rom-coms and erotic films portray, but you can get there with preparation and safety.

While there are countless ways to do sex in the shower, the doggy position is a great place to start. This position allows both partners to enjoy clitoral stimulation, without having to leave the water. Start by having your partner stand in the shower with their back to the nozzle (to avoid water running down their face). The receiver then leans forward with their hands flat on the shower wall and knees slightly bent for support. The giver then holds on from behind and uses their penis, fingers, or sex toy to penetrate the receiver. The doggy position works well for P in V intercourse, but it can also be used for anal penetration if you are careful with your positioning.

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Adding foreplay in the shower can make this position even sexier. Use a hand or finger to apply lubricant, and encourage your partner to massage your nipples, lips, or back of the neck for an added sensation. You can also use a bullet vibrator to stimulate your clitoris and give yourself a deep penetration that feels incredible in the shower.

For a more intense experience, you can also try using the shower nozzle to apply pressure to your clitoris or anus. This can be especially arousing if you have a lot of foreplay before you enter the shower, and is another way to get your partner to push harder and deeper. Be sure to be very careful, as the shower nozzle can easily slip off or break. Also, don’t spray soap scum or whorls of hair into your vagina or anus, as it could hurt. Lastly, be sure to communicate with your partner about where you’re feeling pressure and how hard you want to go, so everyone’s safety is protected.

Missionary Position

Like sex on the beach or app dates with Timothee Chalamet, shower sex sounds hot in theory, but it usually falls short of our wildest fantasies when actually put to practice. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a shower with handrails, you and your partner may have trouble navigating this sensual scenario without some serious coordination skills. Plus, wet soapy floors and slippery surfaces make shower sex more dangerous than it needs to be.

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Fortunately, there are a few tricks to avoid these common obstacles. For starters, bring a sex toy or two into the shower and use it for foreplay. That way, your hands will be free for more intimate activities and the vibrations of the sex toy can stimulate the clitoris or breasts while you’re getting clean.

You can also try the missionary position, in which one partner stands in the shower or tub and the other sits on a chair or the bathroom seat (if available) for easier access. “This is a great lesbian position because it allows both partners to face each other for amazing stimulation,” Sunny Rodgers, a clinical sexologist and certified sex educator, tells POPSUGAR. The sitting partner can then place a foot on the tub ledge for added stability, while the standing partner grabs hold of the seat to keep from slipping.

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And of course, don’t forget the lube. Water in the shower doesn’t provide much of a lubrication, so you’ll want to use a good quality sex lube and plenty of it. This way, you can avoid friction and chafing and ensure that your sexy moves are as smooth as possible.

While all of these shower sex positions are sure to delight the senses, you’ll want to be extra cautious as you move out of the shower. Wet shower walls and tile can be super slippery, especially if you’re hopped up on adrenaline and/or orgasms. It would be a total bummer to fall and hurt yourself during or after your shower sex session.

If you and your sexy babe are ready to give shower sex a try, it’s important to communicate clearly and take precautions. So grab your lube, set some foreplay music and go to town in the comfort of your own home — just don’t forget the sexy gear. You won’t regret it.

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