How to Deep Anal

Anal penetration can be extremely pleasurable, though it requires patience and caution. This includes a willingness to immediately seek help if you feel pain or notice blood in your stool.

Using proper equipment and plenty of anal lubrication can also aid comfort. In addition, certain positions can make anal play more comfortable.

1. Breathing Exercises

Deep anal is a fun and challenging variation on anal play that involves inserting sex toys as far as possible into the rectum. The deeper into the rectum you go, the more orgasms you experience as your body’s sensitive nerve endings are stimulated. However, the muscles in your anal cavity are incredibly delicate and must be handled with care. If they aren’t properly lubricated and stretched, serious injuries may occur, including painful hemorrhoids and rectal tearing.

When learning how to do anal, it’s important to start with some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. It’s also a good idea to invest in a bottle of high-quality anal lubricant, which is thicker than typical lube and contains a combination of benzocaine and menthol to numb the anus and reduce pain.

The first step in anal depth training is to relax the external sphincter muscle, which must be opened before any anal penetration can occur. This ring-like muscle is controlled by the conscious mind and can be relaxed with the use of breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and anal fisting. Once the external sphincter is relaxed, the internal sphincter can be passed with standard anal sex toys or specialty-designed tools such as depth probes or flexible slinks.

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Once the internal sphincter is passed, it’s important to remember that your anal cavity gets even thinner as you progress further up the rectum toward the sigmoid colon. This is why it’s crucial to never force anything into your anal cavity that’s not expressly designed for it, and to exercise patience and caution when doing depth training.

2. Relaxation Techniques

There are a bunch of little muscles around your anus that can get tight when you’re not relaxed. When these muscles tighten, it’s a lot more difficult to insert anything inside your butt hole—whether it’s your finger or a toy. Deep breathing and other relaxation techniques can help keep your muscles and sphincter ring relaxed so that anal play is easy and pleasurable.

You can control your external sphincter muscle (the one that closes when you have a bowel movement) with the same system that controls all other muscles in your body. But the internal sphincter ring isn’t as easily controlled, and it can be a bit more sensitive than the skeletal muscles in your arms and legs. That’s why it’s important to practice relaxation techniques as part of your anal training.

You can do anal relaxation in many ways, including laying on your back with your butt lifted slightly. This position is popular with anal players because it can make it easier to put a toy in. Another way to relax the internal muscles is by sliding a lubed finger in slowly and gently and holding it in place until you feel yourself begin to loosen up. Then you can start to move your toy around a bit and see how it feels as you explore your anal pleasure.

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3. Anal Toys

If you’re looking for a way to deep anal, try using sex toys designed specifically for this pleasure zone. The toys are long, narrow, and super-soft. Some have a flared base for easier insertion, and you’ll want to use lots of lube. This is a good idea with all sex toys, but it’s particularly important for anal play because your anus can’t self-lubricate.

Once you’re comfortable with anal depth, you can start pushing the toys further up. The goal is to reach the sigmoid bend, which marks the beginning of the large intestine. This is a sensitive area, though, and it may take a while before you can get past this barrier. It’s also important to be gentle and not force the toy in.

It’s best to work up to this by starting with a short, finger-like dildo. Square Peg dildoes are perfect for this. You can Goldilocks your way to the right size until you’re ready for a ring, or even a penis-sized toy. Whatever type of anal toy you choose, make sure that it’s nonporous and nontoxic. This avoids trapping bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the delicate anal tissues. You’ll also want to use a sex toy that you can clean easily. You can find plenty of anal toys made of PVC, jelly, TPE, and other body-safe materials.

4. Going Slow

As you begin anal depth training, it’s important to start slow. This can be done through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, but it also means easing up on how far you insert your anal toy. It’s harder to control the muscles in your anal cavity if they’re stressed or agitated, and a lot of people end up getting hurt when they attempt to push their assholes too hard.

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As a result, it’s best to use long, narrow, super soft, and bendable dildoes that are designed for anal penetration. The Square Peg anal dildoes we mentioned earlier are good examples, and they’re the kind that many people who want to have anal sex use.

When you go too deep, it can be easy to accidentally get fecal matter up your anus. This is a problem because it can cause UTIs, and you may not know that there’s something wrong with you until it’s too late.

It can be difficult to find an anal penetration position that’s comfortable for everyone, but there are lots of options available if you’re willing to spend some time looking. Adding lube and getting amply aroused can help make anal penetration much easier, but you must take it slowly and carefully. Anal sex has a bad rap, but it can be immensely pleasurable for both giver and receiver.

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