How to Cum From Anal

Stimulating the anal is a great way to add excitement to anal play. It’s not only orgasm-inducing but also extremely satisfying for both partners.

Remember to always use lube before inserting your finger or sex toy. Without it, penetration could be painful and increase the risk of STIs.

Males can also use their fingers to massage their anuses and the entrance to their assholes to aid in arousal before anal penetration.


If you’re on the giving side, you can use your fingers to help the receiver open up and prepare themselves for penetration. It can feel a bit strange at first, but it shouldn’t be painful. The anus is a sensitive area and needs to be treated with care. It’s recommended to use a lot of lubrication and always have a clean pair of hands. It’s also good to talk about expectations with your partner so that you’re both on the same page regarding anal fingering.

Once you’re ready, start by placing your finger over their anus. Keep your finger stiff and press outward to massage the internal muscle — it’s very pleasurable for some people. You can also use your finger to “vibrate” the anal, mimicking a vibrator, which adds extra excitement and pleasure. Slowly slide your finger in and out, as deep as feels good for you and your partner.

Once you’ve gotten used to this, you can experiment with adding more fingers and increasing the depth. Some people like to combine anal fingering with prostate stimulation, which can lead to orgasms — especially for those of us who were assigned female at birth. Just remember to keep a line of communication with your partner and check in with how they’re feeling at all times, whether you’re the top or bottom.

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Butt Plugs

While most men may enjoy some anal finger play and even penetrating their partners’ anuses, using a butt plug can open up a whole new world of desires. Activating the anal sphincter and stimulating the prostate gland can lead to intense orgasms.

When it comes to anal plugs, it’s best to start with external stimulation to get the area warmed up and ready for stimulation. Lube up a finger or sex toy and gently circle the anus, stroking and massaging. Then, slowly insert the plug, lubricating as you go.

Anal plugs come in different sizes, shapes and materials – silicone is a popular choice for beginners as it’s soft and flexible, while glass or metal can be less forgiving. Some are also weighted, which can add an extra element of pleasure for some people. They also come in vibrating and non-vibrating options, depending on how much sensation is desired.

When playing with anal plugs, it’s important to always be fully relaxed and in control of your body. You don’t want to be so turned on that you accidentally contract the anal sphincter, which can be painful. And as with all sexual play, you should always use a good quality lubricant, such as Sliquid Sassy, that is compatible with the material of your anal plug. It’s also a great idea to have a few spare anal plugs on hand, so you can swap them out when needed.

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A very popular way to cum from the anal is to use the “rider-on-top” position. The woman lies on her back while the guy is sitting on top of her, straddling her. This position is extremely romantic and intimate, with full skin-to-skin contact. It also gives the rider a lot of control of the penetration, so she can massage herself and reach all her pleasure spots.

The anus is a very sensitive area and it can take a while to find the right stimulation for orgasms. It’s important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and where, so everyone is on the same page.

It’s a good idea to use lots of lube during anal play, and be careful about using a toy that’s too large. It can hurt if it’s too big, and friction from a too-big toy can cause bleeding in the anus.

The anal is a very unique part of the body and it’s great that people of all genders can experience orgasms from there. There are a ton of ways to stimulate the anus, rectum, butt cheeks, and prostate (if you have one), so everybody has a chance to find their pleasure spot. It may take some experimenting and a lot of communication, but it’s worth it for those who are willing to try something new.


While many people are aware of the pleasures of the anal, not everyone knows how to cum from there. It’s easy to get an orgasm while performing anal intercourse, but it requires stimulation of other erogenous zones for maximum satisfaction. Practicing clitoral stimulation and targeting the scrotum can help a couple reach their Big O while having anal sex.

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Stimulating the perineum is also a great way to increase sexual pleasure for couples that are already doing anal play or butt play, such as licking and touching, oral sex, fingering, handjobs, and anal rimming with a sex toy.

The anus is packed with nerves, including the pudendal nerve, which carries sensation to the uterus and labia in women and to the penis and scrotum in men. According to obstetrician and gynecologist Kimberly Langdon, stimulating the anus, or P-spot, during anal intercourse can lead to orgasm. Stimulating nearby erogenous zones, like the clitoris, scrotum, or neck, can also enhance pleasure while having anal intercourse.

For men, massaging the prostate is another great way to increase sexual pleasure while cumping from the anal. The prostate is located inside the body around the urethra and just below the bladder. It’s serviced by a different set of nerves than the anus, and some people have reported that stimulating the prostate can trigger an orgasm that feels gentler and less intense than the g-spot.

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