What is Anal Chugging?

First kids got wasted by Vodka Eyeballing, then chugged Four Loko and now they’re boofing alcohol up their anuses. This is dangerous.

Known as an alcohol enema, anal chugging bypasses the stomach and liver. This allows the ethanol to enter the bloodstream more quickly.

It also prevents barfing. It takes less alcohol to feel drunk when you chug it this way, too.

How It Works

Alcohol enema, also known as boofing drugs or plugging, involves inserting drugs or alcohol into the anal cavity using a funnel. The anal cavity has many blood vessels and a thinner surface layer, so substances inserted into the anus are quickly absorbed into the body. Individuals who use this method of consuming alcohol or drugs claim that it produces an instantaneous high and bypasses the stomach’s normal digestive process.

It’s no secret that college kids love to get drunk, but what many of them don’t realize is that drinking alcohol through your anus can be much more dangerous than chugging it down your throat. The reason why is that it can lead to near-immediate intoxication, which can cause a wide variety of mental and physical side effects.

The reason why butt chugging can be so dangerous is that it allows alcohol to enter the bloodstream before it even makes its way to the liver. This causes alcohol poisoning to happen in a very short amount of time, which can be extremely deadly. In addition, the repeated use of alcohol enema can damage the anal tissue and lead to serious health problems in the long run. For example, damaged anal tissue can wear down the mucus membrane that naturally offers some protection against STIs. This can increase the risk of infection and may even result in a colostomy.

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Side Effects

Boofing, also known as booty bumping, hooping, plugging or butt chugging, is the practice of consuming drugs through the anus. It is a popular method among youth because it results in an almost immediate high. This is due to the fact that substances ingested anally bypass the digestive system, which means they get into the bloodstream faster.

Alcohol boofing is not only highly dangerous, but it can also cause serious health problems. The rectum has very thin and sensitive muscles and tissues, which makes it susceptible to injury. As such, it’s not uncommon for people to get abrasions and other types of injuries when engaging in this activity. These injuries can make it more difficult to perform normal bowel movements and can even lead to anal fistulas, which is a painful condition that requires surgery.

Another danger of alcohol boofing is that it can result in severe alcohol poisoning. This is because the anus lacks the enzymes that break down alcohol, such as acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase. As a result, if too much alcohol is ingested this way, it can quickly reach fatal concentration levels.

There have been numerous cases of people being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after drinking butt chugging. One such case involved a University of Tennessee fraternity member named Alexander Broughton who suffered from severe alcohol poisoning after he stuck a funnel filled with alcohol up his asshole. He was rushed to the hospital with a blood alcohol level of over 0.4.

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Intoxication can lead to reckless behavior, and boofing increases the risk of that happening. In particular, if you drink alcohol through your anus, you’re at risk for poisoning because the anus doesn’t have any enzymes to break down the alcohol, as Columbia Health points out.

The anus has a high number of blood vessels and a thinner surface layer, so any substance inserted into that area is absorbed much faster than if it was consumed orally. This is why alcohol boofing, also called “butt chugging” or “alcohol enema,” is so dangerous. This practice involves pouring alcoholic beverages into the anus using a funnel or rubber tubing, and some people even soak tampons in alcohol before inserting them into the anal cavity to experience a similar effect.

Anal chugging can also pose sexual safety issues because it causes you to lose consciousness faster than drinking with your mouth, which gives predators more time to take advantage of you. In addition, repeated anal chugging can damage the mucus membrane in the anus, which normally offers some protection against STIs.

Finally, if you’re drinking through your anus, you’ll get drunk more quickly than if you drink the same amount of alcohol orally because your body has to wait for the alcohol to pass through your digestive system. This is a concern because it could lead to serious consequences, including death.


Butt chugging is also known as alcohol boofing and is a form of boozing where alcohol is drunk directly through the anus. This method of drinking speeds up the effects of alcohol because it bypasses the digestive system, and it allows for a quicker intoxication. It is typically done using a beer funnel, but it can also be conducted by inserting alcohol-soaked tampons into the anus.

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This disgusting practice has made its way into the Urban Dictionary, and it is often used by impatient millennials who want to get drunk quickly before a night out. This boozing trend is particularly concerning because it often involves underage drinkers, and the anus has numerous blood vessels that can lead to a rapid increase in blood alcohol content.

Another concern with this boozing method is that it can result in anal infections, bowel injuries, and even cancer. It can be difficult to distinguish between alcohol and drugs if one is ingesting them through the anus, and it’s very easy to overdose on alcohol or drugs this way.

The legal implications of this disturbing trend are many and varied. It raises issues of underage drinking, hazing, and sexual assault. If someone you know is boofing, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately, as this can be life-threatening. It may also be time for them to visit an alcohol treatment center in New Jersey.

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