What Is Erotic ASMR?

The demand for ASMR content is clear, and many creators have found ways to make their videos erotic. But while some say erotic ASMR is a perversion of the genre, others disagree.

While ASMR is not a kink, some find that adding it to their bedroom routine can enhance sexual satisfaction. The tingling sensation of ASMR can prep the body for physical sensations, and some find this to be particularly turn-on during sex.

What is ASMR?

Despite its massive popularity online, little scientific research has been done on ASMR (though more is underway). But anecdotal reports and Poerio’s 2018 study have confirmed that ASMR can be a relaxation technique. Its tingly, calming effects can even mesmerize and turn on people, which may explain why some viewers find the sexual content of certain ASMR videos so appealing.

But many ASMR producers and fans categorically deny that erotic ASMR is anything but a fun, non-sexual way to relax. They’re steadfast in their belief that perverting ASMR is not only wrong but also counterproductive to the goal of helping others relax and feel better.

The most common triggers of ASMR include hush whispers, personal attention (like when a video artist role-plays a conversation with you), crisp sounds, and gentle movements. For example, a person might rub your back and twirl your hair in a soothing fashion. Or, a video artist might play doctor by giving you a scalp massage and soothing instructions.

For a more intimate, sexual ASMR experience, you and your partner can try re-creating some of your favorite ASMR videos at home. Try whispering into each other’s ears, touching or tapping your skin in a soothing manner, fulfilling fantasies together, moaning gently, and more. Then, when you’re ready to take it to the bedroom, you and your partner can add in sexy physical gestures—like stroking each other’s faces or lightly tickling each other.

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What is erotic ASMR?

In a YouTube world that once belonged to funny cat videos and makeup tutorials, a subset of content dedicated to autonomous sensory meridian response has gone massively viral. These videos often feature people whispering, softly scratching, running their hands across the skin and sometimes eating, all of which have been reported by ASMR enthusiasts as eliciting those feel-good sensations that are akin to the feeling you get when you’re getting a scalp massage or that delicious spoonful of soup you had at lunch.

For some of the ASMR community, this has led to erotic implications. Whether that’s a gentle rubdown on the shoulders or whispering your 50 Shades of Grey-inspired fantasies into your partner’s ear, sexual ASMR triggers can help sexy things up and enhance a sexual experience.

But it’s important to note that sexual ASMR is not a kink; the sensation is based on stimulation of the brain and body, causing a relaxation or trance-like state. It’s not something that can be induced by whips, chains or any other physical pain.

That said, some producers have been experimenting with adding a sexual element to ASMR. But the industry insiders Mashable spoke to think that erotic ASMR will ultimately settle into a steady equilibrium and become just one more niche category in a sea of kink-focused pornography.

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How can I get erotic ASMR?

The best way to get erotic ASMR is to try out different sound triggers. Some people like to play soft whispers, others prefer softer sounds like tapping nails or light scratching. Some ASMRtists are also able to touch their viewers and this can be an intense turn on for some.

One popular type of ASMR is girlfriend role playing where the artist pretends to be the viewer’s girlfriend and they talk sweet nothings. This is a great way to arouse the listeners without making them feel embarrassed or guilty. Other ASMRtists focus more on the physical sensation of touching the listeners’ scalp or skin, or playing with their hair and brushing it. These triggers are more likely to elicit orgasms, but they can be difficult to produce and don’t always work for everyone.

There are even erotic ASMR sex videos where the ASMRtist lays down on their bed and gently touches their partner all over, similar to a light tickling. This is an extremely powerful turn on for some people and can make them feel relaxed and happy. The key to getting erotic ASMR is finding what turns you on and using that to enhance your intimacy in the bedroom. And remember, it’s not just about ASMR – it’s about connecting and listening to your partner, which can be a big turn on in its own right.

How can my partner get erotic ASMR?

If you’re a couple looking to take your sexual experiences up a notch, try using ASMR techniques with your partner. Just be sure to practice your boundaries and be clear about what turns each of you on. You can find erotic ASMR videos dedicated to specific triggers all over YouTube. Some of them include soft whispers, crunching sounds and soft touch. If you find an ASMR video that makes you tingle and gives you orgasms, share it with your partner and ask them to replicate the experience.

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For example, if you like the sound of someone’s voice and breath against your neck as they whisper sweet nothings into your ear, have your partner gently whisper in your ear or moan softly in front of you. Or, try tracing your partner’s body with your fingers or an object (like a feather or silk) to get those spine-tingling shivers. You can also try whispering your fantasies into each other’s ears or describing a scenario together.

While the budding erotic ASMR genre is filled with 50 Shades of Grey-inflected fantasy play, many adult ASMR content creators categorically reject any suggestion that their work could be viewed as sexy. This discomfort stems from decades of cultural programming, both in the mainstream and pornography, that tell us certain realms of human interaction are sexy.

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