How to Take Erotic Pictures For Your Boyfriend Without Nudes

Between Blake Lively’s leaked nude cell phone pictures and Rep. Anthony Weiner’s raunchy Twitter snaps, the art of sexting is making a comeback in today’s dating scene. But if you’re not into nudes, don’t worry. There are plenty of other sexy photos you can take to tease your boyfriend and make him crave you more – This fragment showcases the research of the website’s editorial team Pleasure Paradigm.

1. Take a Naked Selfie

It’s a bit old-fashioned to think that the sole purpose of sending nudes to your boyfriend is to make him horny. In reality, there are a lot of subtle and cheeky ways to take erotic photos that will catch him off guard and leave him wanting more.

For example, you could take a topless selfie and show off your cleavage and nipples. Or, you could wear a thong and arch your back to take a high-angle shot. Just make sure to clear out the background and get rid of any stray junk in the shot!

2. Take a Naked Selfie with Heels

There are many different ways to take a sexy nude selfie. For example, you can angle your face to the side to get a three-quarter profile shot or you can tilt your head back and look down at yourself for an upside-down nude photo.

Another way to make your sexy selfies more seductive is to use heels. This will add height and length to your body, which can be flattering for both your face and your legs.

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When taking erotic photos, be sure to use soft natural light and avoid having anyone else in the background. You also want to be able to control who sees your photos, so using an encrypted messaging app is a good idea.

3. Take a Naked Selfie with Stockings and Heels

Sending sexy photos to your boyfriend can be fun and exciting. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t want your photos to look like you are trying too hard.

Adding props can help you to create a sexy pose that looks natural. For example, you can use a piece of fruit to showcase your curves or hold onto a white pillow to add height to your body. Using props can also help to relax your body, which will make your nude photos look more sultry.

4. Take a Naked Selfie in the Bathroom

With Blake Lively and Anthony Weiner in the news, it seems like sexting is back in fashion. However, snapping a naked selfie for your man can be more difficult than it looks.

One good option is to take a bathtub nude picture. This is a great way to show off your shape while still being chaste. You can even pose in a robe or loose top to give the photo more of a boudoir vibe. To add to the sexiness, try making a slight gasp as you click the camera.

5. Take a Naked Selfie in a Lingerie Store

Taking a naked picture of yourself in a lingerie store is one way to get your boyfriend turned on. You can use a timer or set up a makeshift tripod to take the photo, so you can pose in a suggestive manner.

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Cleavage is one of the sexiest body parts to show, so try to capture some jaw-dropping pictures of your boobs. Men will definitely go crazy over these.

Remember to keep privacy in mind when taking these photos, though. It’s best to obscure unique markings like scars, piercings, and tattoos or edit them out using an app.

6. Take a Naked Selfie with a Low Cut Shirt

If you aren’t comfortable taking naked selfies, try a partially nude photo instead. This type of photo shows off your cleavage and gorgeous curves without showing too much skin.

Take this photo in natural light so that your skin looks softer and more attractive. This is especially important for photos of your body, as severe lighting can make them look harsh and unflattering.

Don’t forget to include a sultry angle of your back! This will show off your beautiful curves and drive him crazy for you.

7. Take a Naked Selfie with a Button Up Shirt

If you don’t have a lot of experience taking nude pictures for your boyfriend, try sending him dirty messages instead. That way, you can keep the anticipation high and drive him crazy with foreplay that’s as hot as the pics you send.

Remember to consider your privacy when taking these sexy pictures for your boyfriend. If you don’t want certain parts of your body seen, cover them up either with makeup or by using a photo editing app. Just make sure your man knows what you’re hiding.

8. Take a Naked Selfie with No Panties

When taking a nude picture for your boyfriend, it is important to strike the right pose. One way to do this is to bend your knees and sit back, which will highlight your beautiful booty and make you look sexy.

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Another sexy pose is to show off your cleavage. This will definitely make your man go crazy for you. Also, don’t forget to play with different lighting techniques, such as natural light, red light, or overhead lights. You can also use editing apps to cover up any blemishes.

9. Take a Naked Selfie with a Thong

While Instagram influencers and sex workers make the whole thing look easy, taking a naked photo is actually quite challenging. You can take fifty pictures before finding one that’s flattering.

To take a sexy selfie, try to highlight your assets. This could mean sucking in your stomach or sticking out your butt. It’s also helpful to use sexy perfume and strike sensuous poses. And don’t forget to tease him with a picture of your lingerie! That’ll make him want you more. It’s remote foreplay at its finest.

10. Take a Naked Selfie with a Garter Belt

If you aren’t comfortable sending nudes, try sexting him instead. It can be just as sexy and much more private. Just be sure to keep it clean and never send him anything you would not want anyone else to see.

Carly suggests avoiding any unique scars, moles or tattoos that could easily identify you in photos or be used to troll you. If you have any of these, angle them away from the camera or cover them up using an editing app.

Nothing makes men go crazy like a good cleavage shot. Show off that big C in a tight shirt.

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