What is an Anal Hook?

If used correctly and safely an anal hook can provide hours of fun BDSM related play. If used incorrectly however this sex toy can cause pain, injury and potentially even damage.

Anal hooks can be enjoyed by themselves and are very easy to insert, but they are also great for combining with ropes and other restraints for thrilling predicament bondage play. Remember to use plenty of lubricant, especially on the ball end and point of entry.

What is an anal hook?

An anal hook is a metal-based sex toy that has a ball attached to one end and a loop on the other. It is often used in extreme restraint play like predicament bondage or for anal stimulation. Usually it is made from stainless steel because of its durability and safety. Some of them also come with removable balls. While this can be fun for certain kinks, it’s also risky as the balls may get loose and leave room for bacteria to build up in the anal canal.

Anal hooks are not for beginners and should only be used by experienced partners who are familiar with this type of play. With enough foreplay, the use of non-numbing lubricant, and communication (including established safewords), using an anal hook can be an extremely pleasurable experience.

If you decide to try anal hook play, it is important to know how to use an anal plug and what to look out for. The most common material for anal hooks is surgical grade stainless steel. However, some come in different materials including plastic and nickel. Always avoid cheap chrome-plated metal anal hooks as these are dangerous and can cause serious damage. Also, avoid anal hooks with interchangeable balls as they can come loose and cause serious pain and infection. Ideally, choose a model with one ball.

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How to insert an anal hook

While bondage ropes, handcuffs and blindfolds may be the most popular BDSM toys on the market right now, anal hooks are a sexy, erotic toy that offers a different level of pain and pleasure. Anal hooks are curved metal rods that have a ball on one end and a loop on the other, and they can be used for anal stimulation, training a submissive to stay in a specific position or even for dominance and humiliation.

To insert an anal hook, you’ll want to start with a liberal application of lube. It’s also best to practice this on yourself first so that you are familiar with how it feels. “Some hooks have changeable balls, so you can switch between them to try out different sensations,” says sex educator Kenneth Play. “And some have little circular hoops at the ends that you can slide rope through.”

If you are bottoming with an anal hook, it is easiest to get the hook in if you lie on your back and spread your legs. “Then, using one hand, reach between your legs and with the other hand, gently place the hook inside,” Sparks explains. Once the hook is in, you’ll feel a level of discomfort if you move too much out of the position that your Dom wants you to be in, which is exactly the point.

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How to play with an anal hook

You can use an anal hook like any other plug for masturbation, sex, or whatever else you fancy. However, the real magic comes when you explore anal bondage. This is the act of using ropes and restraints to restrict a person’s movement during sex. It’s a very intense form of play, and it falls under the umbrella of BDSM. When done safely, with plenty of lube and clear communication between you and your partner, anal bondage can be immensely satisfying.

A good anal hook will have one end with a ball and the other with a small circular hoop. Those with balls are easier to insert, but they can cause anal fissures if too much pressure is applied. Hooks with a hoop are harder to insert and are more likely to damage the anal canal. However, hoop anal hooks can be great for posture play and for a more intense anal experience.

Medical-grade stainless steel is a classic choice for anal hooks. It’s strong and easy to clean, and it can be heated or cooled for tantalising temperature play. If you want to save yourself the trouble of cleaning, though, there are anal hooks that have a solid surface instead of a hoop or ball. They are still not as easy to insert but will provide the same sensations.

How to clean an anal hook

Stainless steel anal hooks are hardy and durable, but they do require some maintenance. Keeping them clean is important for hygiene and to avoid any issues that might come up with repeated use. You can clean an anal hook with a simple soap and water solution. It’s also a good idea to lubricate it with a product that will last longer than water like a silicone lube.

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Anal hooks are used across many kinks, but they’re particularly popular for anal stimulation and rope bondage. Usually, they’re made out of medical-grade stainless steel, which is smooth, durable, and easy to clean. They can also be heated or cooled to create different sensations.

It’s best to work with your partner to find the best anal hook for you. A curved shape will make it easier to insert and can add extra pleasure for both of you. It’s also important to take some time to prep your anus and sphincter for the added pressure that comes with using an anal hook.

If you’re not sure what anal hook will suit you, start small and work your way up. You can also choose one that comes with multiple ball attachments and experiment with different sizes to find what you’re most comfortable with. Working together to browse options and find a toy that excites you will boost intimacy and communication in the bedroom and beyond.

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