Are You Ready to Have Sex With Girls?

If you’re a straight girl (or boy), you may think vaginas are gross. But to a girl, the inside of her pussy is just another place she can explore during sexual contact.

Girls have sex with girls (or boys, if they want) all the time. But how do you seduce a girl to get her interested in having sex with you?

1. Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the first step in determining whether or not you are ready to have sex with a girl. Don’t let peer pressure influence your decision, and trust your own feelings about sex. If you want to wait, then don’t worry – it’s your body and you have the right to choose what you do with it.

The best way to know yourself is by exploring your sexual desires and identity. This is a complicated process and can be challenging to do in a society that does not often educate young people about sex and sexuality.

To get started, ask yourself some important questions such as: What does pleasure mean to you? What kind of sex do you want to have? What are the stories you tell yourself about sex? By exploring these issues, you will be able to more mindfully create the sexual self that you desire. Whether you are single and searching for love or already in a relationship, learning about your own sexuality can bring you great joy. However, it is important that you don’t wait too long to move forward and allow yourself to be vulnerable with someone else. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you will increase your chances of finding a loving partner who can appreciate your sensuality and be an excellent sexual partner.

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2. Know Her

When a girl wants to sleep with you, she has to feel comfortable enough to trust you. It takes time to build this trust, but you can speed it up by focusing on getting to know her on a deeper level. Ask her interesting questions about herself, compliment her on the things you admire about her and create an atmosphere where she feels comfortable talking intimately with you.

You may also want to make sure she feels comfortable in the bedroom. This is why it’s important to do a little foreplay before sleeping with her. You can do this by taking her out for romantic dinners, dancing or engaging in sports with a lot of physical contact. By doing these things, you’ll get her used to the idea of physical intimacy and she’ll be more likely to open herself up in a sexual way.

Another thing you’ll want to do is learn what turns her on. Girls can experience a range of orgasms during sexual intimacy, and it’s important to understand that the sensations don’t always have to be climactic to turn her on. For example, some women may find that a slow grazing of the lips or touching her hair is more exciting than having her scream during penetration. Also, remember that some girls will experience a sore vulva after having rough sex without lubrication.

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3. Know Her Needs

If you don’t know her well enough to meet her basic needs, she won’t be able to trust you when it comes to sexual matters. Be attentive to her moods and don’t ignore her if she acts sad, nervous or anxious. Show her that you care about her in everyday life and you’ll be more likely to win her love and her body.

Don’t skip over the small signs that she’s into you and ready to move things forward, like her hands reaching out for yours when she’s talking to you or kissing you. She might also start getting downright handsy in her texting and even flirty via phone. These are all clear signals that she’s ready for foreplay.

Getting her to talk about her past relationships and her sexual history is a good sign that she’s open to talking about sex. This can be a good opportunity to talk about your preferences for safe sex and whether or not you want to use protection, such as condoms or dental dams.

Be honest with her about your own sexual history and your desires for her. She’ll appreciate that you’re not trying to hide anything from her. It’s important for her to know that you’ll respect her wishes and will only do what she wants. Be a man of your word and don’t go hours or days without returning her call or text, especially if she’s already invested in you.

4. Make Her Feel Attracted

Girls love it when you show interest in their interests, and it shows that you respect them. For instance, if she likes to laugh at funny movies and tell jokes, make sure that you are laughing right along with her. It is also a good idea to compliment her on her looks. This will let her know that you are paying attention to her and find her attractive.

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If you want to have sex with her, it is important that you take things slow and move at her pace. If you rush her, or try to jump the gun, she will likely feel uncomfortable and turn the heat down.

In addition to moving slowly, you should also avoid overbearing and needy behaviors. This will make her feel overwhelmed and put her on edge. If you are not sure how to act around her, it is best to ask for advice from a trusted friend or coach.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that she only wants to have sex with boys. This is a common misconception that is reinforced by popular media. In reality, women love to have sex with other girls, and it can be very pleasurable for both parties. Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual, it is worth trying women-loving-women sex to see if it is for you.

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