What Does Fill You Up Mean Sexually?

The arousing feeling you get when a woman’s anus is rubbing against your lips during oral sex is called Rimming. This is the hottest edgeplay around.

Figging is when you pinch a girl’s nipples right before she cums. It makes her scream and her dick inflate with air, creating a sound that’s like Chewbacca’s growl.

1. Tummy Flutters

You might hear someone say they have “butterflies in their stomach” and think it means something sexually intimate, but the phrase can actually mean a lot of different things. For example, getting nervous about a first date or giving a speech can cause that fluttering feeling in the gut.

Feeling arousal from the presence of someone you’re interested in can also lead to tummy flutters. This is because the brain sends a signal to the gut via the vagus nerve when it’s aroused or excited about a potential love interest.

If you’re a woman, this feeling can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is known as twinges. These fluttering sensations are most likely caused by a rise in hormone levels like serotonin and adrenaline, which are released when you’re aroused by your love interest. However, it’s important to note that these fluttering feelings are often temporary and can be attributed to feelings of attraction, infatuation or lust instead of true romantic love.

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2. Mushrooming

The word mushroom is used in a variety of sexual slang terms, and has various interpretations and connotations. Many of these expressions are playful, but also sensitive and carry a wide range of historical and cultural associations. Embracing these creative euphemisms can allow for deeper conversations about intimate relationships and expanding desires, and promote healthy communication.

Depending on the dose, mushrooms can make you horny and more open to exploring sexual feelings with your partner. For this reason, sex under the influence of psilocybin can be a magical and intense experience. It can strengthen a relationship, and even help heal some past hurts, if done right.

However, it’s important to note that sex under the influence of mushrooms should only occur with full consent and understanding. Only people who are in a secure and stable relationship should consider combining these experiences, and the most important factor is the setting.

3. Queefing

Have you ever heard your vagina make a whoopee-cushion sound during or after sex and thought, “Ugh, my body is so weird”? It’s called queefing, and it’s completely normal. It’s just air that gets displaced in your vagina during or after sexual activity, and it can happen for a variety of reasons.

According to Planned Parenthood, when you do a penetrative act (like thrusting your penis, your partner’s finger or a sex toy), it leaves room in the vagina for air to hide in, which causes the queefing noise. It can also happen when you change positions in sex or when you’re putting on a tampon.

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If you’re prone to queefing, try slowing down your thrusts or using more lube. You can also elevate your hips or use a sex pillow to decrease the depth of penetration. Just remember that sex involves our bodies, flaws and all, and while queefing is embarrassing, it’s not as gross as passing gas.

4. Ramming From Behind

When a girl starts choking you during oral sex, you can make her choke harder by inserting your penis in her cheek like a mushroom. It’s fun to hear the soft hissing or farting sound as air is released through her anal sphincter.

Another fucking fun sexual act is queefing, which involves placing your penis in her mouth and pushing it down her throat to fill her up before you erupt. It’s a great alternative to sexy teabag and can be used during any kind of intercourse.

Lastly, there’s ramming from behind, which is when you get a girl and ram her head against the wall as she’s sleeping (always a good idea if she’s a big girl). The force of the wall can push your cock down deeper into her anus for more sexy action. It’s also good for increasing girth if you use some lube on your penis.

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5. Deepthroating

While deepthroating may conjure up images of porn and kink, it’s also a deeply intimate act. As the name suggests, it involves a deep penetration of the throat and the back of the mouth, which is soft and feels especially good against a penis tip. It’s an exciting experience for both partners as it creates a sense of surrendering to one another and gives the giver a sense of power and control.

To successfully and safely perform deepthroating, it’s important to slowly train yourself with something that resembles your partner’s penis such as a dildo or banana. The goal is to figure out how far the object can go down your throat before your gag reflex kicks in — and then to practice doing it more and more until you can do it without any issues.

Once you’ve perfected your skills, try throat cum. It’s a super pleasurable way to finish off a guy and will have him WILD for more of your oral sex.

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