How to Use Anal Beads Safely

Anal beads are a fun toy that can deliver powerful pleasure. But it’s important to use them safely.

Start by easing into butt play with foreplay like oral sex and erotic massage. Then add plenty of lube, and experiment with pulling out the anal beads at varying speeds to find your groove.

Choose the Right Beads

In order to maximize pleasure, you’ll want to use anal beads that fit well—both in terms of length and girth. The sleeve-like string of an anal bead should slip easily into the rectum without any resistance, and it should slide out of there with a similar ease (although you’ll likely want to use lube for added comfort). Most anal beads are shaped like spheres, but there are also options that have unique textures aimed at stimulating specific parts of the body. Generally, it’s best to avoid porous materials (jelly, PVC, latex) and ones with real fabric cording, which can’t be properly cleaned or sanitized.

For beginners, Annabelle recommends starting with a set of flexible silicone anal beads such as these Lovehoney anal beads, which are affordable and made from body-safe material. She says that “the extra flexibility makes it easier to penetrate the rectum and explore different areas of the body until you find what feels good.” From there, you can always upgrade to something bigger, with vibration or more beads. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try incorporating anal beads into penis-in-vagina sex to intensify the sensation of muscle contraction with climax. Another pro tip is to time the removal of your anal beads to sync up with orgasm; pulling out the beads slowly and gently as you approach climax heightens the pleasure for both partners – This quote is credited to the website’s author

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Learn the Right Techniques

While there is no wrong way to use anal beads, there are some tips that can help new users maximize pleasure. First and foremost, make sure to always use plenty of lube. Lube makes insertion easier and more pleasurable. Next, a good position can also increase pleasure. Lying on your back with knees to chest, for example, can give you easy access to your butt hole. A mirror can help you see what you’re doing, too.

Many anal beads are made with a variety of textures and materials. A “soft” style, for instance, features soft, flexible beads that are fixed and spaced evenly along a string. A more rigid style, on the other hand, has little or no space between beads and offers a distinctly bumpy feel upon penetration.

To insert anal beads, have your partner kneel behind you or, if you’re using the toy solo, lie down on your back with one of your legs extended in front of you. Then, use the string or flange at the end of the toy to coax each bead into your anus. Remember to go slowly and check in with yourself along the way, making sure that you’re not causing any pain or discomfort. And don’t forget to remove the beads, too—pulling them out at whatever speed you want can be just as pleasurable as putting them in.

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Know Your Limitations

A key part of anal play is knowing your limits and being honest with yourself (and your partner if you are using them with one) about how much pressure you can handle. This is especially important if you are new to this type of play. You don’t want to push yourself too hard, because if you do it could hurt a lot.

When starting out, opt for a set of non-vibrating anal beads that are made from a soft, smooth material such as silicone or glass. These are hygienic and easy to clean, making them perfect for beginners. Also, make sure you use plenty of high-quality lube (preferably a silicon-based one) and always wash your anal beads after each use.

Porous materials are a little riskier, because the holes in them allow bacteria to live inside, and some kinds of materials can even contain outright toxic components. While this is not a problem for anal beads that are only used with the butthole, they can be problematic if you do decide to switch to vaginal use in the future.

If at any time during insertion, during anal penetration, or while removing the anal beads you experience pain, discomfort, or any other unpleasant sensations, stop immediately and take a break. Always check in with your partner and talk about how you feel, and don’t be afraid to take a step back from anal play until you are ready to try again.

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Take Care of Your Beads

Like all sex toys, anal beads should be regularly cleaned and sanitized to maintain hygiene. This is especially important if you plan to share the anal beads with your partner or have multiple partners, as they will come into contact with different bacteria.

While it is tempting to grab a set of beads and start poking them up the butt, novices should approach anal play with caution. The spheres on anal beads are often quite large, which can be intimidating for first-timers. If you do try them, start with just a few and work up to more as your body adjusts.

When you’re using anal beads, make sure to look for a flared base or flange that keeps the toy from slipping up inside the body. This can come in the form of a circular handle, a T-bar design that sits between the butt cheeks, or a pull ring at the end. Even if you’re an experienced user, it’s easy to lose track of a toy and accidentally stick something too far up the butt.

Anal beads can be used to create all kinds of pleasurable sensations. They can be inserted for foreplay, then removed during intercourse to reintroduce the beads and stimulate the nerves of the anus again. They can also be pulled out at just the right moment to amplify and prolong an orgasm.

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