How to Sell Erotic Stories

You can make a lot of money writing and selling erotic stories. Many authors do this as a regular stream of income. They attend erotic parties and bring books to sell. They also participate in erotic writing competitions and publish in erotica anthologies.

Erotic fiction is a lot more demanding on the writer than other genres. It relies on impact and a close relationship between story line, characters and sexual action.

1. Create a good cover

Creating a good cover for your erotic story is an important step in getting it published. You want to make sure that your cover is sexy enough to draw readers in, but not so sexy that it turns them off.

You should also make sure that your cover is unique. You don’t want your book to look like every other erotica novel out there.

Another key tip is to use the right language. Awkward phrases can take readers out of your story, and they might even turn them off entirely. Use words that are recognizable to your audience, such as pussy and cock.

Another tip is to write short stories. This will give you a chance to build up your author profile before publishing a full-length work. You should also try to publish consistently. Readers like to see that their favorite authors are active.

2. Create a good description

The description of your erotic story is important because it can make or break the sale. It needs to be sexy and intriguing, but it should also be tasteful. You don’t want to use words that will make readers cringe or feel gross. Also, avoid using euphemisms, as they can be seen as demeaning or misogynistic.

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Another important aspect of writing a good erotic story is choosing the right subgenre. Narrowing down to one subgenre gives you less competition and helps you master reader expectations. You should also read as many books in your subgenre as possible to get a sense of the tone and style.

Also, remember that many erotic publishers have rules about what they will or won’t publish. These may include restrictions on sex with children or bestiality, for example. Some will even have what authors call “The Dungeon” where books that are too explicit go and don’t show up in search results or aren’t promoted.

3. Create a good title

A good title can make a huge difference in how well your book sells. It should be interesting and evoke the feelings that your readers will have while reading your story. If you aren’t sure how to create a good title, try to think of the types of situations your characters might find themselves in. This will help you come up with ideas for your title.

It’s also important to remember that erotica is character and plot driven despite the descriptive love scenes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read some erotic novels and books on character and plot development before you write your own erotic novel.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid using euphemisms for genitalia and sex acts in your stories. These words can be a turn off for some readers. Finally, be sure to proofread your work. It’s a good idea to have someone else read it, too, so that they can catch any errors or inconsistencies.

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4. Create a good blurb

The blurb for your erotic story is one of the most important things to get right. It needs to grab the reader and turn them on. It should also be accurate, without being too revealing. For example, avoid awkward phrases like “her turgid member” or “his cock.” These can take the reader out of the story and either gross them out or make them laugh.

Your erotic stories should have a compelling plot and engaging characters. They should explore a theme, such as the importance of honesty, and have an exciting internal or external conflict. Your protagonists should develop over the course of the book and grow closer to each other. They should also learn some important lessons and grow in their own way.

The sex scenes in your erotic stories should be intense and exciting. They should be well-written and show the sex in a very natural, realistic way.

5. Create a good synopsis

Creating a good synopsis is crucial to any story but especially for erotic stories. It should show the reader what they are getting into and leave nothing to their imagination. It should also include all the main events in the story. If a story does not have these key segments then the pacing can feel off.

Another important thing to remember when writing erotic stories is that it should be fun. If you are not having fun while writing it will likely come across in your writing and will turn readers off. This is why it is often best to write to a kink that you are interested in and that you are familiar with.

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Finally, it is important to note that many erotic publishers have guidelines they do not want their authors to violate. These can range from the avoidance of certain types of sex (e.g. bestiality) to avoiding certain plot points (e.g. rape).

6. Create a good marketing plan

Creating a good marketing plan for your erotic stories is key to getting them out there and selling. Start by making a social media presence, including a Twitter and Facebook page for your book. This will allow you to share information about your books and keep people updated on sales or new releases.

It’s also important to know your audience. Many erotica writers are making six figures a year by writing erotic short stories that they publish on Amazon and other self-publishing websites. The majority of these stories are erotic romances and feature popular tropes, such as fake dating; billionaires and other modern alpha males; incest (including relationships between sisters); cuckolding; sleeping/unconscious sex; threesomes; and shifters.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s Kindle Direct content guidelines, which outline what types of erotic stories can and cannot be published on the site. Also, try to avoid using awkward language in your erotic stories, which can be off-putting for readers.

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