Down on His Luck Loser Gets a Job at the Erotic Museum

A down on his luck loser (James Deen) gets a job at the Erotic Museum, and is amazed to find out that after hours the exhibits come alive and have sex. Riley Reid and XXX legend Ron Jeremy round out the cast.

Director Jim Powers shows a complete lack of talent with this mindless porn parody. Chanel Preston gives a weak performance as Marilyn Chambers reenacting her Green Door encounter with Johnny Keyes.

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The movie is about a down on his luck loser who lands a job at the world famous Erotic Heritage Museum and finds himself front and center engaging with Golden age porn stars who come to life after hours. The film is funny, entertaining and good natured even with some moments of cheesiness or misfired gags – This quote is a product of the service editorial team’s research Temptation Tales. It is a perfect family comedy with a message that all of us can achieve our dreams no matter what we start out as.

Ben Stiller delivers a great performance as Larry, the down on his luck divorced father who is desperate to keep in contact with his son and provide him with stability. Although the dialog starts off a bit slow and is not snappy, it does pick up and the film moves along quite nicely. The special effects are a lot of fun and it is hard to not smile while watching this movie.

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The cast is pretty decent as well with Rachel Dratch, Ron Jeremy and Carla Gugino providing some solid performances. Riley Reid and James LeGros are also good as the museum tour guides. Chanel Preston (who has a pretty funny scene involving her reenacting her Green Door encounter with Johnny Keyes) and Isiah Maxwell as Marilyn Chambers round out the rest of the sexy gallery of characters that comes to life at night in this fun comedy.


When a down-on-his luck loser (James Deen) lands a night security guard job at the world famous Erotic Museum, he finds out that reports that the museum’s exhibits come to life after hours are true. Soon, he and the museum’s tour guide, Riley Reid, are front and center engaging with Golden age porn stars like Harry Reems, John Holmes, Seka, Marilyn Chambers and Caligula.

Shot at the actual Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, this Smash Pictures porn parody also features hot newcummers Zoe Wood and Elizabeth Bentley as well as XXX legend Ron Jeremy as the curator of the museum. Dan Stevens, Rebel Wilson and Steve Coogan round out the rest of the all-star cast. Additional costars include Isiah Maxwell, Marcus London and Eric John.


The museum focuses on erotic art and the impact of sexuality in culture. Its collection includes paintings, sculptures, and even videos. It also features a variety of historical and contemporary erotic materials, including pornography.

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Founded in Las Vegas in partnership with strip club owner Harry Mohney and Reverend Ted McIlvenna, the museum originally was meant to be an educational space for students of human sexuality. But it has since expanded to encompass a variety of other activities, from public lectures and literary functions on sexuality to the production and research of pornographic films.

In this movie, a down-on-his-luck loser (James Deen) gets a job at the Erotic Museum and soon learns that after hours the exhibits come to life to have sex with their visitors. Riley Reid stars as the tour guide, and Jenna Ivory plays legendary adult star Seka. Other female cast members include Anna Morna, Zoe Wood, and Elizabeth Bentley. The male contingent includes Ron Jeremy, Anthony Rosano, Isiah Maxwell, and Marcus London.

One particularly effective room has prostitutes sitting on high stools as though in Red Light District windows. The screens show men ogling them, leering, making rude gestures. It’s a powerful reminder of the real dangers many women face in the profession and the way some men treat their partners.

The film also does a fine job of showing the sexuality of the museum’s staff, with a particular emphasis on the female curator. The movie does a good job of demonstrating the ways in which sexuality has shaped cultures throughout history.

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When a down-on-his luck loser (James Deen) gets a job as a night security guard at the world famous Erotic Museum, he soon discovers reports that the exhibits come to life after hours and have sex with visitors are true. Riley Reid plays the museum tour guide, allowing James and other male visitors to engage with Golden Age porn stars who reenact classic pairings like Marilyn Chambers and Johnny Keyes from Behind the Green Door.

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Jenna Ivory, playing Seka in the museum’s sex history exhibit, is a welcome addition to this dumb porn parody, bringing big breasts to a movie that trendily casts flat-chested women. Other luscious starlets include Zoe Wood as a horny stowaway, Anna Morna as Linda Lovelace, and Elizabeth Bentley as the museum’s nurse. Eric John, Anthony Rosano, and Isiah Maxwell round out the men’s cast.

Director Jim Powers has a complete off-day with this clunker, not showing the wit that made his Perverted Stories series such a classic. He also takes a know-nothing approach to porn history that is embarrassing rather than educational. The hordes of tourists strolling past Michael Jackson impersonators and stripper-shoe stores will probably be as flummoxed by this museum as they are by the Hollywood Wax Museum or Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

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