How to Erotic Roleplay

Everyone has sexual fantasies, and roleplaying is a great way to explore those desires without any risk. Just make sure that you and your partner agree on a scenario and roles before trying anything too intense.

Start by talking about your fantasies and what turns you on. Then, figure out how to execute the scene.

1. Be yourself

Whether you’re exploring a new fantasy, re-enacting a long-held sexual fantasy, or just trying to break out of a boring sex routine, role playing is an exciting way to explore erotic fantasies and build intimacy with your partner. However, many people worry that erotic roleplay will be awkward and uncomfortable. The good news is that, with some planning and passion, it can be very sexy.

Oftentimes, role play ideas stem from a couple’s current relationship. For example, if one partner wants to experience the thrill of being kidnapped and tortured, they can role play as a hostage, while the other plays their captive. This could involve a tying up the other person, spanking them or even fucking them – This quote was constructed by the portal’s experts

Other times, the idea might be based on a particular character or job. For instance, if you both like cars, one of you could pretend to be a cop and pull the other over for speeding while they try to get out of the ticket by providing sexual favors. Using props like blindfolds or bondage tape to add realism can make the scene feel more intense.

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2. Be open

Everyone has sexual fantasies, but most people don’t act on them because they feel too risky or unrealistic. But with roleplay, you can pretend to act on your wildest kinky dreams in a safe and controlled way. And while ERP (Erotic Roleplaying) has gotten a bad reputation for being a lot of “i tuch ur thigh” style role play, it’s actually more than that!

If you’re nervous about exploring erotic roleplay, it’s helpful to brainstorm ideas with your partner beforehand. This can help you figure out what kind of sex scene to simulate, as well as what roles you both consent to playing. It’s also a good idea to establish a safe word that you and your partner can use if either of you feels uncomfortable with any aspect of the roleplay.

Alternatively, if you’re turned on by varying power dynamics, try roleplaying as doctors or other authority figures, like firefighters and police officers. This can be especially sexy if one of you acts dominant, and the other plays submissive. It’s a great way to explore the fantasy of being in an intense situation, where getting caught could have serious real-world consequences.

3. Be honest

It’s important that everyone is honest when roleplaying. It’s a lot easier to avoid misunderstandings when you’re open about what you want from the start. This is especially true when it comes to sexual fantasies, which can be pretty twisted and off the wall. If you or your partner is uncomfortable with certain scenarios, be sure to discuss them so that both of you can find a happy medium.

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Also, if you aren’t comfortable with longer posts, let your partner know. It’s really annoying to be in a long RP and have your partner suddenly stop posting with you out of the blue. It’s more than okay to play a character that has a hatred for another, but don’t make your partner feel like a dick when you do it.

Overall, erotic roleplaying (ERP) is all about having some frisky fun and getting a little bit kinky. It’s not something to be ashamed of, and it should definitely be explored to see if it works for you. As long as you prioritize consideration, empathy and honesty, it can be a great way to connect with your partners and explore new fantasies.

4. Be confident

Even if you’re nervous about trying erotic roleplaying, know that it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. It’s simply an opportunity to explore fantasies, a chance for both of you to connect in a way that’s unique and fun.

It’s important to figure out the boundaries of your fantasy and communicate that to your partner. It’s also a good idea to discuss what turns you both on, because different scenarios turn people on for different reasons. For example, some people are more attracted to a teacher and student role play or a police officer and civilian role play.

Other people are more into fan fiction and want to roleplay as characters from a favorite movie or book. Whether it’s about a naughty librarian or a horny vampire, there are endless possibilities to try.

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5. Be sexy

Whether it’s a reverse damsel in distress scenario, a hotel bar role play or even a fetish-driven fantasy, don’t be afraid to get a little out there. As long as you both consent to the scene and respect each other’s boundaries, you can explore whatever turns you on.

One of the best parts about erotic roleplay is that it allows you to be someone else. This may not be natural for everyone, but if you have the confidence to do it, why not? This can give you an adrenaline rush that will make your orgasms skyrocket.

Talk to your partner about their fantasies, and then decide together who you want to eroticize. You might find that you are both turned on by the same thing or you have completely different ideas and interests. For example, your partner might be into fantasy violence or kink while you are more into the art of seduction. It’s okay to have a mix of both, but it’s important to discuss your boundaries before the session begins. This will prevent any confusion or friction that might occur in the bedroom later on.

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