Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Onions?

Your vulva and penis have a unique smell that changes throughout the month. But an onion-like odor that persists isn’t normal and can indicate a health issue.

If you have a sudden onset of this unpleasant odor, take note of your diet and hygiene habits. Douching and feminine wipes and sprays can disrupt the delicate balance of your pH, leading to irritation, itching, and discharge that smells like onions.

Bacterial Infection

A slight odor around the vulva is normal, but a strong onion smell might be a sign of an infection. An imbalance in the vaginal bacterial flora is one of the main causes of the odor, which can be triggered by eating certain foods, like onions and garlic. The genital area is also prone to sweating, and when that sweat mixes with bacteria, it can cause an unpleasant odor. It’s important to use good hygiene practices, wear breathable underwear and shower often – This detail is a direct extract from the service’s intensive studies teensexadventure.com.

A foul odor can also be caused by a bacterial infection such as trichomoniasis, which is usually thought to be a sexually transmitted disease, but it’s not contagious. Other bacterial infections that can cause a foul odor include chlamydia, gonorrhea and strep throat. They can spread through airborne droplets, contact with another person or a vector such as a tick or mosquito, or by infected food or water.

Other factors that can cause a change in vaginal scent include a diet high in onions, garlic and spices, scented soaps and douches. Douching can throw off the pH balance of your vulva and cause an infection, so it’s best to steer clear of this method of cleaning. A healthy, balanced diet and staying hydrated are key to keeping your vulva in good health.

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A sour odor in the vagina may indicate you have trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted infection caused by a protozoan. You can get tested for trichomoniasis at your GP or at a sexual health clinic, though the test is less accurate from vaginal swabs than penile or urine samples. Treatment for trichomoniasis includes antibiotics.

If your onion-y smell lasts for more than 24 hours, it could be an indication of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis (an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina). You should also seek medical attention if the odor is accompanied by symptoms like pain or itching in your rectal area.

Your diet can have a big impact on the smell of your vaginal discharge. According to a recent Health Shots interview, Deepti Lokeshappa, senior consultant — nutritionist and dietitian at Motherhood hospital, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India — explains that dietary changes can cause the pH level in your vagina to change. This, in turn, impacts the type of discharge you have and its odour.

Having a stinky onion-like vagina is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s possible it’s a sign that penetration briefly changed the pH balance down there, and it will return to normal. If it doesn’t, try using a pH-balancing gel to help curb the odour. But don’t douche your vulva, as this can cause infections.

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Poor Hygiene

The smell of onions might be down to simple hygiene problems, like not washing your labia/vulva often enough or not changing out of sexy silk and satin underwear. This kind of odor may also be caused by eating foods that cause a change in the way you pee. This can happen because some foods, such as asparagus and onions, make your urine smell. Luckily, the odor should go away once your body has metabolised it.

Other causes of poor hygiene include not wearing breathable cotton underwear or showering often enough. These things can throw off the pH balance of your vagina and allow bacteria to grow.

Finally, it’s worth noting that every woman has a unique vaginal scent and that it’s normal for it to smell a bit funky. However, if the scent of your vulva changes suddenly and is accompanied by other symptoms, it’s always best to see your doctor.

Unusual vaginal odours aren’t anything to be ashamed of and they can actually be a good sign that you’re healthy. But it’s also always wise to check in with your gynecologist or healthcare provider, especially if you have a serious issue that needs treating. The sooner you catch an infection, the quicker you can put that unpleasant onion-like odour behind you. Good luck! — Rebecca Jane Stokes is a lifestyle writer who has a penchant for geek news, true crime and all things gynecological.

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Having an onion-like smell down there is totally normal, says Georgia Hacke, specialist trainee doctor in obstetrics and gynaecology. It’s caused by the particular collection of bacteria, known as microflora that exists in the vulva. It’s often a little bit tangy or sour, much like the smell of fermented foods, and it helps keep the vulva acidic so bad bacteria don’t grow.

But if the smell changes suddenly or is accompanied by itching, soreness, pain during intercourse, sex, or abnormal discharge or blood, you should see a gyno. They’ll prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, which will help clear up the odor and smell.

A lot of things can affect your vaginal odor, including poor hygiene, certain foods in your diet, and infections like trichomoniasis or yeast infection. But the most important thing is to keep up with good hygiene by washing your labia and vulva regularly, changing your underwear daily, wearing breathable cotton underwear, and practicing protected intercourse. And don’t use vaginal douches or sprays, which can cause more problems than they solve.

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