Can You Have Sex After a Wax?

You may be tempted to touch your freshly waxed area but please don’t. You could introduce bacteria down there and cause infection.

You should also avoid sexual intercourse after a wax because friction could worsen the already irritated area. This is because the blood vessels would be dilated. This will make your experience painful.

Wait 24 Hours

It’s a good idea to give the area some time to settle before engaging in any sexual activity. Not only is the skin likely still sensitive, but the force of sex could further irritate and inflame it. Having sex too soon after waxing also increases the risk of infection.

This is because directly after waxing the hair follicle is left open and vulnerable to bacteria entering it through your fingers. It’s best to avoid anything that can introduce germs to the freshly waxed area, including showering (use cool water), bathing, tanning (sunbathing or sun beds), massage and friction from tight-fitting clothing like leggings.

You should also avoid exercising or doing anything that can cause sweating as well. Sweat and heat can increase the sensitivity of your skin and cause a reaction that’s similar to a rash. This includes going to the gym or a hot yoga class.

While some slight redness, swelling and small bumps are common reactions to a bikini wax, they should clear up within 24 hours. It’s important to remember that these symptoms are a normal part of the healing process and not to be alarmed. However, if you notice the area becoming painful or if it begins to develop pus-like bumps, contact your dermatologist immediately for further evaluation and treatment. In most cases, a topical cream such as over-the-counter hydrocortisone can be helpful for reducing inflammation and pain associated with the area.

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Avoid Tight Clothes

This may seem obvious, but avoiding tight clothes like leggings is a great idea following a wax. Tight clothing can rub against the area and cause chafing which is not ideal for super sensitive skin. Instead, opt for maxi dresses and flowy pants which will allow your pubic area to breathe.

It’s also best to avoid contact with any other skin, even your hands, for the first two days after a Brazilian wax. Touching your genitals can transfer bacteria, dirt and other debris which could cause irritation or infection.

Additionally, sweating is also not good for freshly waxed skin. This is because the salt present in your sweat can irritate the delicate skin. Instead, opt for loose, light-colored clothing, like maxi dresses and linen pants, which will let the skin breathe and heal properly.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to skip the gym, hot showers, saunas and other heat-inducing activities following a wax. This is because sweat can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts, ingrown hairs, itching and other discomfort. Instead, try to work out at home or at the local park. You can always cool down in the pool afterward! You should also refrain from oral sex for the first couple of days, since this can also lead to friction. This can result in bumps and redness.

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Avoid Swimming

If you’re going to swim right after getting a wax, it’s best to take some precautions. The skin is more sensitive and susceptible to irritation and infection after a wax. The chlorine, sand and bacteria in the water may also cause irritation.

It is best to avoid any type of physical activity that causes friction on the area for 24 hours after a wax. This includes sex, working out and wearing tight clothing. This is because the friction can cause redness, itching and even an infection on the irritated area. Rough sex in particular can cause too much friction on the area of the vulva and can make it worse.

Avoid swimming in public pools and beaches for a few days after a wax. This is because the chlorine and bacteria in these pools can irritate the skin and increase your risk for an infection.

For the same reason, you should also avoid going to the gym after a Brazilian wax. The salt in your sweat can irritate the area and lead to an infection. It is also best to wear loose cotton underwear after a wax in order to help the area breathe and heal faster. You should also avoid using harsh scrubs, loofahs and soaps on the area after a wax. Instead, opt for a gentle and fragrance-free body wash.

Avoid the Gym

The area of your skin that you had waxed is likely to be quite sensitive for a few days. It’s best to avoid any activities that will make the area hot or sweaty for at least 24 hours after your wax. This includes working out, hot showers (and baths), sauna’s, swimming, and sex. This is particularly important for those getting a bikini wax or brazilian wax.

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These activities can cause friction which could lead to irritation or even small bumps around the area of your vulva. Fragrant soaps and body wash can also cause issues since they might contain chemicals that may react with the freshly waxed area causing redness or itching.

Adding sex to the equation can further complicate the situation. As Romper reports, waxing essentially causes “micro-wounds” to the skin in the form of trauma to hair follicles. These wounds are susceptible to infection. And when you add sex, this can lead to a variety of complications including folliculitis (red bumps and pustules) and other sexually transmitted infections like genital warts and molluscum contagiosum.

Taking the time to follow these tips can help you have a smoother, more comfortable waxing experience. So don’t hesitate to schedule a few waxes before the summer heat hits so you can get your desired look with peace of mind.

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