How Do You Get Maggots in Your Vagina?

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A 67-year-old homeless woman living in poor sanitary conditions presented with a prolapsed mass of maggots in her vulva. This is a rare complication of myiasis.


The video that went viral on TikTok was shocking to many people, but obstetricians and gynecologists say it’s possible maggots could live inside a woman’s vagina if her health conditions are bad. Maggots are the larvae of flies, which can hatch in warm, moist environments like the human body.

Flies thrive in dirty and unsanitary conditions, so maggots are often found around homes in unsanitary food conditions. They eat anything they can find, especially rotting and dead things. They have tiny hooks on their mouths that act like forks to grab and devour decomposing food. They also have oversized salivary glands to help digest and break down the nutrients in their food.

Female flies can lay up to 300 eggs in a short lifespan, and they can take as little as four days to hatch. Those maggots can then infiltrate the body and cause an infection called myiasis, which can lead to severe and dangerous infections.

But maggots can’t live on a healthy woman, according to obstetricians and gynecologists. Women’s bodies aren’t the right environment for maggots to live or feed, and they’re not likely to survive if they enter the vagina. Practicing safe sex and practicing better hygiene can keep maggots from forming in the first place, which can prevent myiasis. Keeping garbage sealed and using a garbage disposal or freezing rotting food until waste collection day can help keep maggots at bay.

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Although maggots are not dangerous to healthy people, they can infiltrate body tissue and cause a disease called myiasis. This condition is most common in areas with poor hygiene and low education levels. Maggots may enter the skin or a wound through intact tissues, but they can also enter body orifices without invasion (pseudo-myiasis).

Flies lay their eggs on organic matter and they unknowingly contaminate food that people consume. The maggots then hatch in the human digestive tract and cause intestinal myiasis. Intestinal myiasis is usually not fatal, but it can cause serious health problems.

Maggots may also contaminate bedding, undergarments, and bed sheets. They can also be spread by contact with infected dogs and cats, which can carry the eggs on their fur. Infection is caused by the maggots’ piercing mouthparts and their ability to chew and lick.

Although vaginal myiasis is very rare, it can be prevented by practicing better hygiene and being careful with sex. This means using condoms during sex and being screened for STDs with a partner before dating. In addition, it is important to wash underwear and clothes thoroughly and to iron them before wearing them so that flies can’t lay their eggs on them. It is also important to promptly treat any smelly vaginal infections. These infections can attract flies and lead to the infection of maggots in the vaginal tissue.

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Flies are attracted to things that smell rotten, including discarded pet carcasses and infected bite wounds. They lay eggs on these places, and when they hatch, the maggots feed on the rotten or dead tissue. This is a condition called myiasis, and it can be found in animals and humans.

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok showing a woman with maggots in her vulva. This disturbing video has shocked many people, and many are asking if this is real or a hoax. According to two doctors, it is likely that the video is fake, but they can’t be sure.

Maggots are the larvae of flies, including houseflies and cheese flies. These maggots can live and grow in some of the worst places on Earth, feeding on garbage, rotting food, and open wounds. However, they’re not comfortable living inside a human’s vagina, and it’s very rare for them to do so.

If you have maggots in your vagina, it is a medical emergency and you should seek treatment right away. Your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics and may suggest surgical removal of the maggots. You should also try to wash the area and apply Vaseline to suffocate the maggots and prevent infection. If you aren’t able to get rid of the maggots, you can use a tampon and vaginal sponge with a wet cloth to stop them from spreading to other areas of your body.


Maggots are the larvae of flies, most commonly houseflies. They can live in some of the worst places on Earth, feeding on rotten flesh and carcasses. They can also infiltrate body orifices and cause myiasis. However, this isn’t common and is only possible if the female fly lays eggs on a woman’s open wound or infected tissue.

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A recent video on TikTok that went viral showed a young girl with maggots in her genital area. It caused shock among the public, and people began asking experts about it. Two doctors, obstetrician and gynecologist Hanny Rono Sulistyo and Boyke Dian Nugraga, said that the video is likely a fake and was made for the shock factor. They also said that it’s very unlikely that maggots can live inside the anus or vulva of a healthy woman.

The girls in the video didn’t wear sanitary napkins and used dirty cloth during menstrual periods. They also didn’t use a barrier method of birth control or use condoms when having sex with their partners. The genital infections caused by this type of hygiene may have led to the infection in their anus or vulva. The doctors advised women to use sanitary pads and practice safer sex practices. They also recommended keeping good hygiene to avoid getting myiasis in the future. The patient was given antibiotics, turpentine oil, and glycerin magnesium sulfate solution to reduce the edema in the vulva.

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