A Boy and a Girl Having Sex

A boy and a girl having sex can cause a lot of controversy. For centuries, boys were favored over girls by society.

Scientists know that a person’s sex is determined by the number of X and Y chromosomes. But how does a couple influence the sex of their child? Theories abound. Some suggest that certain sexual positions can help conceive a boy or a girl.

1. Alpha Male

A male displaying the attributes of an alpha male is likely to be confident, powerful, and successful. He is a leader and may well be the dominant partner in a relationship or marriage. However, the term “alpha” is often misconstrued. It is often used to describe men who are tyrants or bullies. Frans De Waal, a primatologist and author of the book Chimpanzee Politics, is one of the leading experts on primate behavior and the true definition of an alpha male.

According to him, the most effective way for a man to become an alpha is through self-development and discipline. Men should focus on enhancing their internal masculinity and working to overcome their weaknesses, such as a poor posture or an inability to communicate effectively. They should also learn to use their strengths to their advantage.

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In the bedroom, an alpha male will take charge and help a woman release her inhibitions. He will be able to read her body language and know when she wants a deeper connection. He will also be able to initiate and sustain sexual activity without her needing to ask.

This type of rigor and tenacity stimulate intrigue in the opposite sex. Moreover, an alpha male is adept at foreplay and will show his girl how much he loves her by doing little things like making sure she has a warm cup of coffee in the morning or cheekily grabbing her ass during a kiss.

2. Alpha Female

The alpha female is a term that’s often used in the workplace to describe someone who has leadership skills and is good at managing people. It also refers to a woman who is confident and assertive. But what does it really mean to be an alpha female?

Academic and popular discourses on the alpha female largely refer to characteristics or traits that are linked to traditional gender roles of male and female in Western society. Consequently, these discussions tend to focus on the idea that a man will find a woman who displays masculine traits, more sexually attractive. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Rather, a man will be attracted to an alpha female if she thinks, behaves and oozes her own feminine sexiness and vibe.

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A recent study investigating the alpha female identity found that despite popular discourse, there was little evidence that social dominance orientation predicted the alpha female trait. Furthermore, aspects of sexual dominance (sex frequency, initiation of sex and playing a dominant role in sexual encounters) were not correlated with the alpha female identity either.

Instead, the research indicated that other characteristics – such as leadership, strength and low introversion – were more likely to predict the alpha female status. Further, it was also suggested that the rank a person holds in a given hierarchy varies depending on the context and that people tend to value those hierarchies in which they are ranked high.

3. Passive Female

Female passivity in the bedroom has been a popular trope in fiction for centuries, but is it really biologically “normal” for women to be less desirous of sex? Historical documents, such as scripture and records from colonial North America, suggest that sexual attitudes have been influenced more by culture than by biology.

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To me, doormat heroines are some of the worst because they reinforce ideas that just aren’t healthy, ideas like that a good woman should do whatever she can to make everyone else happy. I also think it’s hard to believe that a girl would accept treatment from a man for so long without drawing the line, only to explode on him when she finally has enough. This type of character drives men up the wall.

4. Dead Body

Having sex with a corpse is an example of necrophilia. Necrophilia is a sexual attraction to dead bodies, including the flesh and sperm of a dead person. Some people with necrophilia fantasize about having sex with the bodies of dead people and actually perform the act. It is a crime in some states. However, it is not considered rape because a dead person can’t refuse consent. Instead, the crime is prosecuted under a state’s rape statutes.

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